Recommendation of the Day: The Help by Kathryn Stockett📚 . . . This is another book I hope makes it on required reading lists. As much as I love the movie, there is nothing quite like book. I should put that on a T-Shirt. Have you read The Help? What’s your favorite quote? . . . . . . . . #bookstagram #bookblog #followforbooks #followforbookstagrammers #nycblog #nycblog #bookblog #bookblogger #sunday #sundaymood #thehelp #requiredreading #favoritequote #followforfollow #buildingmyempire #buildingmybrand #bookreview

At ten years old, Anne Lamott's brother had left a school project - where he was to catalog a large number of birds - undone until the last minute. Seeing his son was in a panic, their father told him not to worry about how large the project was, and instead to take it "bird by bird". Lamott recalls this being the best advice on life and writing she has ever heard. Although "Bird by Bird" is mainly a book about writing, the lessons in which Anne presents to the reader can be applied to almost any of life's undertakings. In short, to do something well a person must have "total dedication" to what they are doing. Writing is not an easy undertaking. The writer must battle their own fears of what others may think. They will battle emotions and feelings that will arise during their writing process. They will fight against being unsure of themselves, days where their mind seems blank, or even boredom. Writing is not for the faint of heart. But neither is life! Life is overwhelming. Whatever we do we will always battle our fear of what others think, our emotions, or what we should do next. This is where we need to take it "bird by bird". The important thing in writing, as in life, is to show up each day and do the work. Be dedicated to the process. It will not always be fun. It will not always be easy. Some days you will fail, and others you will succeed. The important thing is to show up and take life "bird by bird". I rate this book: 4 out of 5. - #birdbybird #annelamott #bookreview #writing

DO YOU HAVE MULTIPLE COPIES OF BOOKS/SERIES? • This is the only series that I have multiple copies. I just can’t get enough of this series. I have this urge to buy the illustrated editions then the house editions and limited collector’s edition. • I know that this habit of mine has an effect to the environment. I am guilty. I promise that these illustrated editions will be my last purchase for Harry Potter books. If I purchase any other Harry Potter book, send me a digital slap! • Today’s prompt is #bookishfandom Obviously mine’s Harry Potter. This is from the #bgphjulychallenge2018 #bcphreads #bookstagram

I love a good family story. Do you? Seeing a family grow and struggle through time fascinated me, and this is what I hope to experience with The Kinship Of Secrets by Eugenia Kim. I received this in the mail recently thanks to @hmhbooks! I cannot wait to read and review it later this year!

Book Summary in 🖐🏻sentences Book #14: Deep Work by Cal Newport 1. Focusing on one important task at a time- that'll advance your position is true and pure deep work. 2. Deep work is a skill that allows you to quickly master complicated information and produce better results in less time. 3. You lose the sense of time when you're working on engaging things. 4. Deep work leads to quick happiness and advances. 5. If you don't produce, you won't thrive- no matter how skilled or talented you are. . Book poster by @anodetowords . #DipanshuRawal #dipanshuwrites

QOTD: Do you have shelf dedicated to a series or author? 📚 📚 I have a shelf for my Supernatural collection, my Sarah J. Maas books, and my Harry Potter books. I love how the shelves look 😻 📚 📚 #summerlovinbooks18 challenge is a #shelfie 💞💞 📚 📚 QOTD: Do you have shelf dedicated to a series or author? 📚 📚 #ya #yalit #yabooks #youngadultbooks #reading #read #bookaddict #bookstagram #bookish #bookreview #bookmarks #books #bookgasm #bookstagrammer #bookgeek #bookphotography #booknerd #booklove #booklover #bookrecommendations #bookworm #bookquotes #bookinstagram #bookaholic #biblophile #books📚 #kimmersbooks #supernatural

On #myindiereads today I want to bring focus to this delight of a novel. The Book of Eve by @juliablakeauthor has a flair to it that is so quintessentially British, it's a sophisticated read, and a clever story with twists and turns you'd never guess. Full review on Goodreads, I fully recommend this if you're looking for a great summer read. Oh, grab tissues!

What could possibly go wrong when Essie writes a christmas email, not intending to be sent, complete with her not so complimentary feelings about her boyfriends mother, also her boss? Lots of drama, and some positive life changes it seems. I just love Jill Mansells wit, engaging characters, and the flow of the romances. Perfect weekend read.

Snippets of my latest book review- Tuesdays with Morrie You can check out the entire video here - Note to self- need to work on the lighting 😋

I read "Sometimes I Lie" in one day; I'm tempted to go back and read it all over again! ⭐️ . I went on a trip with the school on Monday (the only teacher perk) and started reading it on the coach. By 9pm Monday night I had finished the whole thing! . The plot centres around a woman, Amber, who wakes up in a coma- as in, she's in the coma and narrates the horrific experience of being one. The story continually jumps back to the time leading up to the coma, and then forward to her currently being it. There are also childhood diary entries woven in there too. Amber starts off by telling the reader three things about herself, one of those is: "sometimes I lie". . This book was truly thrilling; it was twisty but the twists were well thought out and not there just for shock value. Alice Feeney had me guessing all the way through but I didn't come close to guessing any of the twists. If you like thrillers like Girl on the Train, The Other Woman and Gone Girl- this one is certainly for you!! . 🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪(5) __________________________________________ #instabooks #crimefiction #bookishfeatures #thrillerbooks #booksofinstagram #bookstagram #bookblogger #fiction #bookreview #writer #reviewer #under1k #booksandcoffee #booksandbeans #bookgirl #bookporn #mybooks #bookphotography #igreads #igdaily #bookworm #bookish #bookaholic #booknerd #crimebooks #trillerfiction #sometimesilie

As someone who concentrated on early modern literature in college, I am always game for reading more about one of my favorite time periods. HOW TO BE A TUDOR focuses on everyday life in the Tudor era, from dawn to dusk. Ruth Goodman has tried a lot of Tudor recipes, hygiene routines, and clothing styles herself, which adds a dimension of experience and authority to her book. A, such an interesting read! 🏵 . . . . #bookrec #bookreview #bookstagram #summerreads #summerreading #history #earlymodern #Tudor #historynerd

If you're looking for an adventure without ever having to leave the comfort of your reading nook - look no further than this brilliant new non-fiction that will tell you all about life all around the world! From what classrooms look like in India to Australia or the noises animals make in different countries, or what to do when your tooth falls out in El Salvador or Sri Lanka - you can explore it all in this beautifully illustrated book! An encyclopedia of life around the world for little readers! We love learning about the world! #gifted

| "But time is the most unforgiving of fires and she couldn't in the end, save it all still". | I think its best if i leave this here. Very seldom does a book captivate me as much as this one did. This is a kind of book that stays in your mind, long after you have finished reading it. Rating : 5 /5 Tynks for recommending. 😛 I would personally recommend this gem to everyone. ❤ #athousandsplendidsuns #khaledhosseini #bookstagram #bookreview

TÔI VÀ PARIS, CÂU CHUYỆN MỘT DÒNG SÔNG Mới đầu đọc tên quyển sách mình tưởng đây là quyển sách viết về tình yêu, vì cái tựa nghe rất lãng mạn phải không? Nhưng vì cái bìa quá thu hút và Pháp là một đất nước mình cực kì thích nên mình đã thử đọc đoạn trích dẫn ở bìa sau. Mình thật sự bị ấn tượng và đã mua ngay nó về. Sách viết về những trải nghiệm thực tế của tác giả trong quãng thời gian đi du học Paris: buồn có, vui có, chuyện gia đình, chuyện học hành, chuyện tình cảm,... Tất cả đã tạo nên một quãng thời gian đầy gian lao, khó khăn thử thách nhưng cũng rất tuyệt vời vì cho tác giả nhiều trải nghiệm về cuộc sống, qua đó tuêps thêm cho bạn đọc niềm tin để cố gắng theo đuổi những gì mình yêu thích, hoài bão. #booklover #bookish #bookstagram #bookaholic #paris #france #studyabroad #europe #bookworm #bookreview #reader #reading #bookclub #bookblogger #l4l #f4f #l4like #bookshelf

Thank you Emilia @beamingforbooks For your sweet and lengthy review ! So glad you understand and appreciate all its elements! Also like the fact you find it different from anything you ever read before!! Thank you for all the support on instagram goodreads recently. So glad you are enjoying the book so far, cannot wait for the final review. Thank you for believing in me and my character and glad you like my description... 😘😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😘 Please follow Emilia she is a real support to all authors, she reads a lot and it means an awful lot my book is worth reading so quickly!!! She is sweet kind and interesting, so happy to connect with her! Her review will never be taken for granted. Please everyone Check her out at @beamingforbooks she has YouTube channel which can be found in her bio and she is posting exciting giveaways!! Lets show her love and support for helping me out!! ❤💖💪✌👏👑📚🎉🍒🌈🌞🌙 😇😊 😇 If anyone is curious link to synopsis is in my bio. I also have quotes on my page! DM For your free copy! Help me get published 😇💖 Love to you all, Rebecca. #thegirlfromourmoon #booksofig #bookreview #scifi #writers #coffeeaddict #romance #bookcorner #fantasy #booksofinstagram #bookshelf #amreading #character #comical #chicklit #readers #bookobessed #bookfan #bookreviewer #yabooks #youngadultsbooks #goodreads #instagood #vegangirl #ilovebooks #bestseller

Great morning to all 🎉🎉NEW #booktube videob🎉🎉 I had so much fun with this one... LINK TO the video is in my bio Please go ahead a subscribe for more bookish #videos #Booktube #BookWorm #booknerd #bookaddict #booklover #chapterchaser #bookgeek #bookish #booktuberarmy #booktuber #BookRecommendations #BookReview #bookreviewer

Picked this up from @sainsburys for like £2.99. About to start this 🥂 It sounds very interesting 💛

This week's review: the brilliant 'Why I'm No Longer Talking To White People About Race'. This is essential reading if you want to understand the history and structures of racism in the UK. 💡📖 Link in bio. #whyimnolongertalkingtowhitepeopleaboutrace #renieddolodge #race #racism #essays #bookreview (Picture from Village Books)

Hey Guys! Sorry for being MIA yesterday. We were a tad caught up with tracking updations and delivery ETAs for your boxes. You will hear from us soon about the July shippings too, now that June is done. The Mocha boxes are still to be shipped due to delay with Female Persuasion. • 💌💌💌 • For August, we will try and figure out a way so that the 30% who want regulars and the 70% who want the minis are both able to get their way. That would mean a bit extra work but if it ends well, it will be worth it. So yes, August ‘To The Stars and Beyond’ Boxes have Funko pops! And then there is a mug, a gorgeous one at that. Moving on to the banner, when we say star Lords we don’t mean Gamora’s Star Lord 😬 we mean the actual Gods of the planets - Jupiter, Saturn and the rest. There are some cute illustrations of them combined with a banner & it looks stunning! • 💌💌💌 • We are getting back to your DMs one by one guys. Be a little patient here, weekends mean extra messages so cope up a little with us. • • 📸 from I heart Collectibles . • • #thebigbookbox #literature #bookreview #bookgasm #prettybooks #bookslover #bookstagramindia #bookobsession #bookandcandle #scentedcandles #books #openbooks #hakunamatata #scatteredbooks #quotecard #bookoholic #bookbox #bibliophile #subscribe #ebooks #freeebooks #kindle #funkopop