Some of our corner to corner exercises with our senior company dancers years and years ago. Starting with basic set of 8’s to a maximum of 12 to 16 sets of 8’s per across the floor. Training the dancers brain to pick up progression work in seconds. When choreography are taught, the dancers are expected to learn the entire routine in one session. Parallax company dancers were tasked to dance from a minimum of 20 to 30+ dances each mid-year showcase as well as end-of-year concerts 🙂 #progression #cornertocorner #exercise #memories #flashbackfriday #legendary #cheetahtraining #❤️ @erinmath @zoemiles @georgiabbaker

Do we still do #throwbackthursday ? Or maybe this is more so #flashbackfriday ? Fuck it. I need more nights like this 🤣😭

#flashbackfriday #Nofilter 5 Years ago in #Yarmouth NS. I took #mom and #dad on a 2 week East Coast tour of #NS and #PEI flew into #Halifax and rented a car and spent 2-3 nights in #Digby, #Charlottetown, #Antigonish and #Sidney. This picture is just one of the many little stops along the way. We saw #gardens, #vineyards, #distillery, #lighthouse, #chowder-trail and ate lots of great food. We're planning another trip next year with the whole family.. but first, off to #Alaska in a few weeks. More pictures more #memories.

Our God is a God of Abundance, not a god of lack. Hallelujah! . It's so easy to slip into a scarce thinking, to submit to the spirit of poverty, where we see only problems, obstacles, and win-lose situations. . God sees something else. God sees His plan unfolding exactly how it must. Under Him, the world is full of helpers, opportunities, and win-win scenarios. . In this clip (from a sermon Cindy gave to her church at the start of this year: https://youtu.be/-xgJY2bn_f4), Cindy talks about a word from God she received that revealed how she had slipped into the spirit of poverty about a particular budget problem. . Our God is not a god of lack. We were not created to spend our lives scrambling and scrounging and worrying about worldly things. . Our God is a God of Abundance. . And He wants to open the Gates of Blessing for you. . --------------- Full Transcript: --------------- The Lord spoke something to me this morning. I was praying over a situation, and I was thinking, "Well, if I do 'this', I don't have the money to do 'that', and I want to do what God wants first, so I'm going to do that." . And the Lord spoke to me so clearly. He said, "Don't you think I have enough money for both?" . And I realised, that was the spirit of poverty. That was stinkin' thinkin' right in my brain. That God is a god of lack. That He can't bless me and bless somebody else. . No, that's the way the world thinks! . God is going to cause you to possess the gates of the enemy. . The Bible has promised that we will have an abundant life. Amen? Well, I'm just gonna preach it to you until I get a lot more "amens" than that! Some of you are going to believe me when I'm preaching this stuff to you. . He's going to open the Gates of Blessing. . --------------- . . Cindy will be imparting more prophetic messages at Chosen Annual Gathering 2018, in Suffolk UK. . Click the link in our bio for more details. . We hope you can make it! . In His love and ours 🙏

During the 2018 #EssenceFest we interviewed artists to talk about the significance of the @essencefest turning 24 and more! Be on the lookout for our “Press Room Diaries” series of videos starting on #flashbackfriday to hear what they had to say! #essencefest #essencefestival2018 #essencefestival #essence #music #pressroom #bts

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Happy New Years Detox Sends Woman To Emergency Room Beware Not To Let Your Detox Send You To The ER Following the sugar- and – booze-filled vacations, beginning the n .. #phillyfit #beyondthescale #fitspro #health #nutrition #alkaline #motivated #love #fruits #weightlossjourney2018 #slimmingworldlifestyle #swmafia #flabtofab #familyfitness #swinsta #flashbackfriday #lashes #noexcuses #fitmom