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Free 1000-Word Story! With my website’s upcoming launch on June 1st, I’ve decided to write free 1000-word stories. Limit is currently one per person or account. This promotional offer is good from May 4th to June 8th. Each story can be customized to fit a certain theme or occasion if you’d like. You can choose any genre. Though I’m not as well-versed in horror or sci-fi, I’ll give it my best shot. You can also choose from a wide variety of known characters. These include princesses, pirates, mythical/magical creatures, and so on. I will have as detailed a list as I can provide (in a link below). If you’re unsure about a character, please ask me and I’ll let you know if I can do that character justice or not. I’ll even do original characters though I’ll need background about the character before I begin. If you want a specific prompt or plot to take place, let me know as well. If you don’t have anything specific in mind, then I have a list of prompts you can check out if you’d like to pick from there. (The list is available at the end.) If you want examples of my work, you can find several on my Tumblr blog: I will be posting all finished pieces on my Tumblr page as well and on my website when it launches. If you’re interested, just send me a message by commenting or directly via this page’s messaging system. You can also send your requests or message me at [email protected] If you request a free story and like what I produce, I’d love, love, love it if you could spread the word. This special offer lasts from May 4th to June 8th of 2018. Tweet, share, or reblog this post to help spread the word. As an added incentive, I’ll also be providing 10% off your first purchase you make on my website when it goes live on June 1st with some exclusions. I’ll send you a coupon code before the official launch date. Links Characters: Prompts:

"....Mencintainya tidak memerlukan alasan, bukan? Karena seluruh bagian dari dirinya, ucapannya dan setiap gerak-geriknya menjadikannya sempurna. Sempurna tidak memerlukan alasan, Eyang." . . Meet Gia Nicolette Tjahrir (Gia) & Bendara Raden Mas Thackeray Agnibrata (Tackey) in Invitation Only by Cecilia Wang (@ce.wng). . . #currentlyreading #invitationonly #anovelby #ceciliawang #hannareads2018 #bookstagram #bibliophile #booktrib #bookish #noveladdict #bookaddict #booklovers #reader #read #adultstories