Bath time for this red dragon 🐉 someone likes his head wet but doesn’t like his big booty wet 🤷‍♀️ Yeah, I have weird horses. Oh well... #bullseye #strateshemmah #sorrel #aqha #aqhya #tqha #horsemom #brc #barrelracingcollege #flomie #goodboi

Não deixe que o laço corte seus sonhos ao meio. Segure as rédeas que Deus te mantém no arreio… . . . . . #horselife #horselovers #country #paixãoporcavalos #aqha #abqm #animalcare #animais

Vantage point. #Bruno

Early morning workout session with Skippy ❤

The cowboy life is the only life for me, Even when it's hotter then #blue blazes (the horse in the pictures' named Blue 🤣). Even when the bee's are out with a vengence. Even when I have more dirt and stuck to me then a mud to a pig. Even when the sun is so hot I feel like I'm melting right to my saddle. Even when the only thing I can think about is going to the lake. Even when your horse falls down on you (uh hmmmm you know who you are) Even when the last thing you want to do is deal with broken fence's, escape artist's, lame, sick, old horse's. Even then, The cowboy life is the only life for me.

heres the video of our horsemanship pattern from last nights lesson (and will be the pattern for our show on saturday). there are still some things we need to work on but we’ve come a long way since the last show so i can’t wait to see how we do at this show!! ✨ #aqhaproud #horsesofinstagram #aqha #horses #gotemtoohot #horsemanship #westernpleasure

Pretty baby boy 💕

Meet Cindy Lou Who!!! . This little lady gets a lot of TLC out at the ranch by our girls. She also happens to be a fan favorite at community events by the littlest of equine enthusiasts! . . Where girls become friends, friends become family and family becomes forever. . . Want to come ride with us??? Join the adventure! •[e] [email protected] . •[u] . •[t] •[ig] . . . #GGAA #Pony #RanchGirl #HorseRanch #Ranch #StL #StLouis #StLouisGram #Horses #Horse #HorsebackRiding #HorseOfTheDay #HorseGram #HorsesOfInstagram #HorseAndRider #Equine #HorseLife #HorseAddict #EquestrianLife #WesternPleasure #EnglishRiding #RodeoGirls #equestrian #equestrianlife #equestriangirls #equestrianism #equinelife  #ArabianHorse #AQHA #Thoroughbred

So JJ didn’t have the best weekend while we were in Oregon, but I truly believe everything happens for a reason. That whole trip seemed to push me in Hotstuffs direction. Starting with Scrat not being able to go days before we were to leave which forced me to make a decision on whether to take the gamble and throw Hotstuff in the trailer or just take JJ. Even then I had that gut feeling that said “take him” made me have to cowgirl up a little and step out of not only my comfort zone but indeed his as well. Considering this spring he went a whole weekend drinking maybe a gallon of water and eating about a flake of hay over a period of 4 days away from home. But he surprised me and handled the 7hr drive amazingly well, and settled right in with eating all 4 flakes on the way down and drinking a full bucket as soon as we unloaded. He’s also a pretty anxious and nervous horse in high stress environments...the whole weekend he rode with his head down and plodded along the grounds and among the chaotic warm-up arena like a pro. I never in a million years would have thought he’d handle his first big haul and race with so much confidence and ease. Sometimes the good Lord sets things in motion for you when you’re not willing to take that step. — We can't always see where the road leads, but God promises there's something better up ahead. We just have to trust Him. ~PSALMS 56:3 — #horse #horses #faith #barrelrace #barrelhorses #horsetagram #aqha #equine #barrelracing #instahorses #summer #horsesofinstagram

New saddle!! Jay was now used to the saddle, the cinch and my weight, so it was time to get a new saddle. A saddle with we can train instead of just for our first rides. ☺️ - yesterday someone came by to fit some saddles. Before she started saddling Jay she looked at her muscles and shape. She said that Jay was good in balance so that was great to hear. Only thing was that Jay is still a bit downhill because of her age, but that would fix it self in the future. 🤞🏼 - She made a mold and looked at which saddles we could fit. There where four saddles we could fit and one of them didn’t fit well so there where three saddles over. I rode on these saddles just for a few minutes. the first one I felt Jay was stretching her legs more forward so that was a good one. The second one we rode on but when I started trotting the saddle fitter said :’you can stop’.. I felt it to, Jay did very weird with her legs and neck so that was a no go. The third one, same story.. she didn’t like that one to. So the first one became the one, a beautiful billy cook saddle. So happy with it, now we can finally start riding a bit longer and I can ask more things of her like bending and stuff.. because now I know I have a good fitting saddle.🍀👍🏼 - It was a interesting day, and amazing to hear from a person who deals a lot with ( young ) horses that your horse is raised very well, listens good and has a great foundation.. and that she’s a special one I should keep forever..❤️biggest compliment you can get right?😊

Cole is a fancy blue eyed colt by Just Plain Starlight. Go to for more info. #AQHA #AQHAProud #barnbabies