Casa Rancho Oyamel. RP Arquitectos.

@santighione , @cindicag , @tomas.altobello , @francopozzix / APII / 2018

“What do You see?”. This is an architecture model, but at this scale, this close, it could be everything you want it to be. What do you see? [Yashica FX-3, Fuji Neopan 400, Yashica ML lens]

“Walls of Venice”. Venice streets are all different but all the same. Bricks under fallen plaster. People looking. People walking. People screaming... I think I used this camera for only this roll: Yashica 109 MP. I think I did not like the plastic feeling, far distant to the oldest Yashica I was used. However it was a nice journey with “She”. Who likes or use the Contax-Yashica system? [Yashica 109 MP, Kodak Color Plus 200, Yashica ML lens: 35 mm f2.8]

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