My favorite videos from her story today!!! @arianagrande #arianagrande

teaser for the ‘dance to this’ music video! 💛 #arianagrande #troyesivan #dancetothis @arianagrande @troyesivan

First post🤪 @real.ona @ona.bean

that nap was bomb and took longer than I thought

If you can only see the light that manages to filter out through the cracks of people, and if you can only hear the words that they have the courage to speak, then I am sorry to say that you can neither see nor hear.

july 16: ariana via her instagram story #arianagrande #arianators @arianagrande

wayy too cute for us ❤️😭 @arianagrande

The guy on the right looks like he's taking a picture of her ass! And camila look like she's enjoying the attention.

Our Princess🔐 @arianagrande @sweetener #arianagrande #sweetener #arianafanpage

trading @thempetiana for a 1k, i don’t go first 💗