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Awake Quizキャンペーンで当選して 『スペシャルBOX』を頂きました‼️ * なんとも可愛いBOX😍 * 中身は ◎プットオンアハッピーフェイス ティンティド モイスチャアライザー 2枚目 「light medim、 medim(標準色)」 * ◎スプラウトパウト リップオイル 4枚目、お写真上より 「001 clear as day、002 cherry on top、003 honey be good」 と豪華✨ 使用したらまた詳しく投稿します💡 * @awakeskin_jp さま、素敵なプレゼント🎁を、ありがとうございますました😊 #プレゼント #美容 #awake #ベースメイク #リップ #メイク #コスメ好き #コスメ好きさんと繋がりたい

Gimme all your lovin' All your hugs and kisses too Gimme all your lovin' Don't let up until we're through -/- The Gospel according to ZZ Top

People always ask me how I can work out so early in the morning. It’s the only time I’ll actually do it though! I know if I put it off, it won’t happen. So, I get up an hour earlier than I would otherwise, drink my ninja mama juice, and get to it! This stuff is amazing. It makes me feel even better than coffee does, and I LOVE coffee! No jitters, no weird ingredients, it’s natural. I even drink it just to do things like go “people”, hop on a call with my team, clean up, or play with the kids. You don’t build up a tolerance, in fact, drinking it daily only helps it give me more of a boost. So with this liquid gold and the self awareness of knowing morning is the only time I’ll actually do the work, I manage to kill it every time. 👊🏼

@5hourenergy y'all need to sponsor this post cause I'm about to rave over this product ;) First time ever trying this and it's SO GOOD like it taste like candy and it helped me get through my last 13 hour shift. If you need a delicious way to stay awake... Look no further. #energy #energydrink #awake #woke #5hourenergy #sleep #sleepy #blue

The things my brain sees lol #beer #smileface #awake #jetplane