馃摎Book Haul Alert!馃摎 路 路This is all the books we got at the HK Book Fair 2018, after 3 years of always flying overseas when it starts.This year I told myself 'you have a night flight so you can still make time to go if you hurry' and so I did 路 Pile 1:Books our dad and K got on the 18th. 路 路(The rest are all bought today) 路 路Pile 2:Book to give our cousins. It was $150 for 3 so the extra Wonder is kine to keep 路 路Pile 3: My (Kathleen) Books. Needed to buy other of Marie Lu's books to accompany my beloved Legend Trilogy 路 路Pile 4: K's books part 2. 路 路 路We both have very different tastes but at times, very rarely do we want to read the same books. So I was really happy that the books she boughts are also in my TBR, which means I didn't had to use MY money to buy them and just share/borrow instead. 路 路 路Right Now, I'm on my way to the airport and won't be back until next week. I'm off the Philippines (alone) to get my driver licence (which is 2 years in the making as last year we went back pass the expiration date and had to reapply). 路 路So not sure if I can post much there depending if there's wifi.But K would be here. I'll try to get updated on insta stories though. 路 #bookhaul #wethebooksjuly guilty pleasure reads 路 #allthebooksjuly18 beach day essentials 路 #julyinbooks18 books w/poc characters 路 路 #adobooksacct