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I used to shy away from making full body pictures, even when I was smaller than I am now, I was never ashamed of how I looked in person but really didn't think I looked good in photos, I'm learning to love myself more tho #bodypositive #thickandsexy

Morning planking session - finding anywhere I can get some exercise in! 🤣

Mid-week motivation from our #vibetribe member Kristin.💪🏽💛 - “I’ve been working through all that I’ve gone through in my life (which is A LOT), went plant-based, started exercising again, running, working on myself & trying to become the best version of myself. I’ve taken these past several months to dissect everything and be very honest with myself. It’s been hard, but so liberating!!!!! I know I still have work to do, but I can honestly say I’m so HAPPY! I love myself, I’m confident, happy, thankful & grateful, believe in myself and positive!! I’m so thankful I found this tribe! My life has turned around for the BEST! I weighed myself and took measurements today. I’m officially in the 140’s... 149lbs (31lbs lost) and have lost 24.25in since Jan of this year! It’s incredible how much you can accomplish when you set your mind to it! Our minds are so powerful... and once I took control of it, I’ve become who I was meant to be ♥️ “ - Start your journey on the #fitandthickapp by visiting #fitandthick #bodypositive #selflove #createnewhabits #poweredbyplants

🌸 Il fût un temps où je voulais changer chaque partie de mon corps pour ressembler à cet idéal féminin dont on m’avait rempli la tête .. . Être plus mince .. Avoir la peau toute lisse .. Parler calmement .. Rire doucement .. Rester mystérieuse .. . Tout ce qui n’est pas moi ! Moi la fille bien en chair .. pleine de cicatrices .. Qui parle vite .. rigole très fort .. et raconte toujours sa vie ! 🌸 On m’avait tellement rempli le crâne avec cette idée que je n’étais pas assez .. Que chaque millimètre cube de mon corps était devenu un ennemi .. Mes cheveux n’ont pas échappé à la règle .. Je leur en voulais d’être bouclés .. De ne pas être aussi lisses .. longs et brillants que toutes ses filles à la télé et dans les magasines .. . Alors je les lissais .. Je les lissais à les brûler .. Je ne les lissais pas par envie non .. Je les lissais pour les autres .. 🌸 Comment est-ce qu’à un moment on peut remplir à ce point le crâne des filles de conneries ? Au point qu’elles puissent complexer de choses aussi inattendues que des cheveux ? 🌸

P a l m i e r s 🌴 . . Entre le sable, les cactus, les palmiers et la mer, croyez moi c’est un grand dépaysant et ça fait plaisir à voir ! Cela fait quelques jours maintenant que je suis dans une ambiance vacances comme on les aime et je vais revenir avec une énergie encore plus grande qu’avant ! ☀️ . . Je vous fais des bisous, et j’espère que tout se passe bien pour vous cet été que vous soyez en vacances ou au travail ! 💛 . . #Pausitive

that time i cut into my finger NOT THE FIG + swipe ➡️ to discover the incredible book ive just finished reading ive learnt so much this week. over the weekend i was writing a post about how i got a teeny cut from jamming my hand in a clothes horse and how i sat and watched my body come to my aid and begin to heal itself and how in that moment i finally appreciated all my body is capable of and how in this week my mindset has shifted. but then this happened and i have even more appreciation for my incredible body and all it can do to protect and heal itself🙌 the health care we have is such a blessing, as a nurse i can't tell you how fortunate we are to have the health care available that we do whenever we need. however its also important to understand, learn and appreciate all our bodies can do and their incredible functions and to live well!! i do my best to live a healthy, happy, positive, active, balanced and productive lifestyle and try to make the most of every day i am so blessed to have but deep down i always know there is more i can do, more i can be and more i can learn, discover, share and teach this book has impacted my life, ive learnt so much more about myself, my body and discovered ways i can do more for myself to give myself the best i can in life not just through nutrition and exercise but through understanding my body and what it is capable of! read this book, connect with yourself, learn, ask questions, discover and be open to really putting your wellbeing as a priority not just by feeding it well or exercising but by being open minded, researching, understanding and by living in wellness, not living and treating illness🙏 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ #health #bodypositive #holistichealth #healthylifestyle #healthpromotion #healthy #wellness #wellbeing #wife #nurse #wellnesscoach #skinnyvsstrong #passion #balance #lifestyle #happiness #natural #goodhealth #family #love #innerhealth #guthealth #activeliving #healthyliving #education #prevention #lovetheskinyourein #nutrition #lovethelifeyoulive

Les Nanas 😍 la féminité dans toutes sa dimension et la liberté sous toutes ses formes. #nikidesaintphalle #nana #art #sculpture #culture #féminité #body #bodyfreedom #bodypositive #freedom #symbole

Sometimes in life we can get stuck in a rut, stuck in our own way and feel that there is no way of moving forward! YES THERE IS! Everything in life happens for a reason, we learn from this, we grow from this and we become our own true self! ✨ See mistakes, let downs and traumatic situations be lessons in life and allow them to transform you into the person you are destined to be 🙏 At the time there will be upset, there will be pain and misunderstanding but the course to greatness doesn’t run smoothly! Look for the positives, build a bridge and get the HELL over it and yourself! Don’t get caught up with your own ego and the opinion of others. Trust your instincts, practise SELF LOVE and follow your heart! ❤️❤️❤️