Hello friends! 💫 It's time for my June @thebookiebox unboxing! It's like Christmas in June! The theme was Riddles and Games and the box was so fun :) 💫 • Caraval magnet from @bearlypaperco • Caraval inspired magnetic bookmark from @eviebookish • Alice in Wondeland tea from @wickandfable • Night Circus notebook from @thebookiebox • Mad Hatter candle from @thatbookiebookmarks • bookmark inspired by the featured book from @thatbookiebookmarks • The Bird and the Blade by Megan Bannon 💫 Don't forget that you can use KAITIE10 to save on a subscription! Julia's boxes are always amazing! 💫 #bookstagram #unboxing #thebookiebox #bookbox #riddles #games #redbooks #bookishcandle #bookishtea #caraval #alice

🇲🇽¡Revelamos vendedor de Agosto! Nuestra caja de Agosto "Criaturas Fantásticas" traerá un marcapáginas magnético exclusivo diseñado para nosotros por @vorticeco. ¡Están hermosos! Además traerá una vela inspirada en un lugar donde viven muchas criaturas mágicas, un libro que es un recuento de "La Sirenita" y otros 3 artículos, uno de los cuales es un artículo bastante grande con una frase de "Fantastic Beasts and where to find them". . . . 🇬🇧August vendor reveal! Our August book box "Magical Beasts" will contain a magnetic bookmark designed exclusively for us by @vorticeco and let me tell you, they are amazing! It will also have a candle from a place where a lot of magical beasts live, a book which is a retelling of The Little Mermaid (and no, it is not the same as the one in Spanish) and 3 other objects, one of which is a pretty large item with an exclusive phrase from "Fantastic Beasts and where to find them" . . . . . . #bookstagrammexico #bookbox #bookworms #bookboxmexico #bookstagrammx2 #bookishstuff #booklover #mexico #labookworms #augustbookbox #cajaliterariamex

We are almost sold out of all of our Past Boxes! We only have a couple Nostalgia and Anticipation boxes left! Our April “Anticipation” box comes with the literary sci-fi novel, Join and some great bookish goods like a rainwater scented candle, tea and cookies! Check out this box and our January box on our Past Boxes Page! 🍂 We announced our August Theme is Understanding. We are loved every book we read for this upcoming curation - it’s going to be tough to narrow down. We’ll reveal our featured book for August on the 1st. 🍂 We start packing July “Love” Boxes this coming week. Don’t forget to share an unboxing photo for a chance to win a free box! 🍂 Have a question? Shoot an email to our friendly customer support! 🍂 Want more DRC? Like us on Facebook! Follow us on Tumblr and Twitter! Or Subscribe to us on YouTube! 🍂 #bookstagram #deepreadersclub #bookbox #subscriptionbox #readersofinstagram #literaryfiction #literature #bibliophile #bookmail #books #bookish #igreads #literary #bookclub #bookishfeatures #bookstagramfeature #epicreads #bookaddict #amreading #instabook #unitedbookstagram #literarylifestyle #igreaders

That ending, though! 📖 Scroll down⬇️if you're interested in my thoughts on All Of This Is True... . . . So, I have found it quite hard to sum up how I feel about this one. It is SO unlike anything I've ever read, and I had my doubts, but I must admit that it did have me hooked. Short, snappy chapters made it an easy read, and I'm a sucker for books written from multiple perspectives. I was worried that, being written as if spoken by teens, I'd get fed up quite quickly...but I didn't. If anything, the teenage voices made the themes of this book even more poignant and, at times, disturbing. It really highlights the characters' vulnerability. This book also gives nothing away, no answers are concrete even at the end. It is all down to your interpretation and I like that, but I'm desperate to know what happened!!! Roll on August's @bookboxclub chat! . . . . #bookreview #allofthisistrue #lygiadaypenaflor #bookstagram #bookish #booklover #bookphotography #bookbox #bookboxclub

Для счастливчиков, которые сейчас в отпуске🌴 Вы читаете на отдыхе? Или стараетесь полностью разгрузить мозг в блаженном “ничегонеделании”? А, может быть, настолько увлечены путешествием, что до книги и руки не доходят?😱 . Мы подобрали для вас несколько легких книг, которые дадут расслабиться и отдохнуть: 🌟Элизабет Гилберт. Есть, молиться, любить. История поиска счастья и своего "Я". 🐯Янн Мартел. Жизнь Пи. Захватывающее приключение мальчика в открытом океане. 🏔Высокие горы Португалии от того же автора (мы не читали, но говорят, неплохо). 😜Наринэ Абгарян. Манюня. Просто весело! 💐Питер Мейл. Год в Провансе. Эта книга была в одной из наших первых коробочек. История, после которой вы точно поедете в Прованс. 🍷Рэй Брэдбери. Вино из одуванчиков. Тут у нас разошлись мнения: Оле нравится, а Лене не зашла. Поделитесь, как вам, если читали? 🤷‍♀️Хелен Филдинг. Дневник Бриджит Джонс. Весело и ненапряжно. 🐕Джером К. Джером. Трое в лодке, не считая собаки. Легкая классика с хорошим юмором. 🌊Алекс Гарленд. Пляж. Про затерянное райское место и Лео ди Каприо (ну никак после фильма не представить главного героя иначе) . Это первое, что приходит на ум. Поделитесь с нами своими рекомендациями! . . Если хотите узнать, что будет в наших последних летних коробочках этого года, скорей заказывайте! Августовские Get Your Book доступны только до 25-го июля! . Стоимость коробочек от 1700 до 2000 руб. при подписке на один месяц. Если хотите обеспечить себя сюрпризами сразу на 3 или 6 месяцев, вас ждут приятные скидки! . Оформить заказ удобней всего на нашем сайте (активная ссылка в профиле).

“Survival is about keeping your head above water until your feet find the ground.” 💜 . There are such occasions when it seems as though we are standing at the bottom of a mountain with insurmountable obstacles to overcome. We are swimming against a current that threatens to drag us beneath tumultuous waves; but we have to keep our heads above water. Treading against a force that seemingly is working against us often feels impossible; but our passion for self-care, reading, and unplugging will translate into Unplugged Book Box to make achieving inner peace easier and more convenient. When you work self-care into your day, you will experience a world of scientifically proven benefits. 👌🏽🖤 . . We never properly introduced ourselves- did we? We are Melanie & Sarah, and we are the creators of Unplugged Book Box. One thing that has given us a huge bond over our lifelong friendship was our love for books. We are writers first and foremost, so we adore the art of storytelling in beautiful and creative ways. We also have a huge passion for helping people and we hope that our box can help you unplug and recharge. 👌🏽💜 . What are your passions in life or how do you define yourself? 🖤 . We’re gearing up to send out more informational e-mails this week- so if you haven’t signed up for our e-mail list, check the link in our bio! We hope you have a great day!🍂 . . #bookstagram #bookbox #booksubscriptionbox #bookstagrammer #bookstagramcommunity #bookcommunity #books #booklover #book #selfcare #selfcarebox #unplugged #mentalhealth #booknerd #yalit #newadultbooks #yabooks #autumn #bookish #readers #readersofinstagram #reading #booknerdigans #bookworm #bookworms #bibliophile #inspiration #inspirationalquote #tbr #bookrecommendations

•I am so excited for @unpluggedbookbox to launch! #unpluggedbookbox is all about self-care and unplugging from the daily stresses! That is definitely something I can get behind. The boxes are seasonally inspired to get you to live in the moment. We all need to #getunplugged #bookstagram #bookstagrammer #bookcommunity #bookstagramcommunity #bookbox #bookboxsubscription #unplug #selfcare #destress #booklove #bookish #bookobsessed #yalit #loveya

The last @fairyloot photo challenge for the June box 'Rebels In Ballgowns'. This features 'Grace and Fury' by @tracythewriter that was an exclusive early release, this book has been getting some really good reviews I can't wait to read it. Also, this photo feature the only two orange books I own for the theme of orange and blue books!!! 📚❤️📚 #fairyloot #fairyphoto15 #books📚 #book #books #bookish #bookstagram #bookworm #booknerd #bookaholic #bookbox #subbox #harrypotter #chamberofsecrets #strangethedreamer #illuminae #graceandfury #ya #yafantasy

Me Time. Sunshine, a brand new read and a delectable tray of candy sushi!  Thanks @SweetReadsBox It's perfect! #ad #sweetreadsbox

🇨🇦 Hello @vibookcrate 👋🏼 My name is Raven, and I’d love to be a rep for you! 😊 I don’t necessarily have a favourite “cozy read”, but usually when I want a cozy read I always pick a contemporary! Right now, I’m currently reading From Twinkle with Love by Sandhya Menon. 📚 I am a book lover, and joined the Instagram community a few months ago! I absolutely love this community and all the people I have met! It’s great to talk about things I love with so many other people who love them as well! 🇨🇦 I am also a Co-runner of the Canadian Feature Bookstagram account @bookishcanadians. We feature that Canadian bookstagram posts and we are beginning to make contacts with Canadian authors and shops to do some interviews and giveaways! 😁 🍎 I am about to enter my final year of teachers college in September at Western University and I cannot wait to be in the classroom and work towards motivating my future students to read! 🤓 😊 In my spare time I often read, scrap book and of course paint the edges of my books! 🎨 Thank you for the consideration! Good Luck on your search! Sincerely, Raven 🇨🇦 #vibookrepfall #repsearch #bookishcanadians #bookbox #iloverealbooks #ilovereading #read #book #bookish #booksubscriptionbox #supportcanadianbusinesses #fromtwinklewithlove #sandhyamenon

Преди две години, на тази дата, за първи път отворих #bops и заподскачах като малко дете изпълнена с очарование и щастие. Две години по-късно изпитвам същите тръпки и нетърпение, които изпитвах и тогава, щом наближи датата за доставка. Две години и около 26 кутии по-късно Райс и Алекс продължават да ни радва със страхотния си вкус и желание да внесат частица щастие в домовете ни. @chetatlidvama Благодаря ви за всеотдайността която влагате в това което правите и се надявам (чисто егоистично😋) да го правите още дълги години. #bopsunboxing #chetatlidvama #bookbox #booksubscriptionbox #bookishgoodies #bookstagram #booklion #bookworm #booklover #books #newbook #francescazappia #elizaandhermonsters #benelton #deadfamous #книги #новикниги

@bookaslothclub unboxing a blogon. 😊 Az első kép ízelítő, de a többi a _Városnézés Londonban_ magyar YA doboz tartalma..... és spoiler! 😋 #bookbox #bookish #menokonyvek #bookaslothclub #subscriptionbox #unboxing

The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake. In the Melodrama Capsule - our best selling capsule this season.