1. Choose a part of your body you’d like to stretch. 2. As in massage, balance between pleasure and pain; if you push too hard, the pain creates tension and you’ll end up fighting the stretch. Go only as far as you can while staying relatively relaxed. 3. If your body wants to hold some tension, let it do so, and then allow it to relax of its own accord. 4. In the stretch position, take one to three slow, deep breaths. As you inhale feel the sense of the stretch increase; as you exhale, relax a little more into the stretch. Breathing in this manner during a stretch is important; holding the breath during any kind of exercise tenses the body. #theserenityclub #serenity #serene #life #stretch #tension #bodywork #release #happy #relax #health #healthy #mind #vitality #consciousness


♧♧♧ Disfarce ♧♧♧

What is your frequency? 🌏🙏🏼

I would like to be known as a intelligent woman, a courageous woman, a loving woman. A woman who teaches by being. - Maya Angelou 🌹 #loveyourself #spirituality #growth #mindset #mindfulness #aware #consciousness #proudtobe #leowomen


What does it mean to feel LOVE? For me this is our natural experience when we can move beyond fear. Without fear blocking our natural state we feel greater connection to ourselves and can connect more easily with others...the feeling of this connection is Love. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ What a joy it was to explore this topic with 600+ people in London on Monday night and to lead them through a heart centred meditation. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Thank you @michaeljameswong and @justbreathelondon for the warmest welcome and the opportunity to share my LOVE with you. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ These moment are what it’s all about for where we can open ourselves up and experience the potency of true, fearless connection with one another. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 📷 @jamesnorthphoto for @justbreathelondon Grand Gathering Vol 9 at @thebritishmuseum