MOVE-IN DAY! We are currently on the road to Hattiesburg to move the girls into their dorm as they begin this next stage of their lives. Move-in this morning and band camp starts this afternoon. We had all three kids under one roof last night as Dylan stayed over so we could pack the truck and get an early start this AM. Who knows when that might happen again? I know the girls are ready to start college...but are Anne and I? Ready or not, here we go! #SMTTT #EmptyNest

One packing for a year abroad.... a new driver driving 30 miles solo to his new school... this Mama Bird stuff isn’t for the weary as they jump two feet first, out of the nest, ready or not. . . (Bathing in this roller daily, imagine that??). Sticker choices were tough with this one though. #theywillfly #spreadingtheirwings #mamaangst

Laughter is good for the soul!! So is sunshine and margaritas too!! ☀️ . As a business owner I have a hard time shutting off my brain and unplugging! I can easily go into overdrive bc there is always another creative idea or post to be done! I love my job and it totally fills up my soul. But what I love even more is that I have gotten to a place through lots of personal development and practice where I can put my phone away and just be in the moment and not worrying about a thing!! I laughed! 🤣 I danced! I swam! I was present in the moment and guess what... it’s all ok today too!!! So for all of you workaholics out there like me... learning to unplug is soooo good for your soul!!! Make time for purposeful recharging and know it’s not being lazy but being smart!!! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀