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“The most epic, bad ass, life changing program on the planet for people who are single." • How can you attract your perfect match, when you don't even truly know who they are or what you TRULY want or bring to the table? • This is what being single is all about. Not sulking, not "poor me," it's about loving the sh*t out of life and leveling up internally on a whole new level so you can attract an abundantly rich future and receive earth-shattering joy, happiness, success, and love! Because it IS possible, I'm a prime example of it! • Dating has turned into something where we lower our standards, settle for less just to get a date, treat people without respect because we have a crutch in our back pocket called apps, and maintain surface level conversations because most are afraid to get vulnerable and/or "get hurt" again. The greatest pain always wins. And the idea of being on a death bed wishing 3 months would have been taken out to deal with what was going on inside, gaining amazing tools, and making the most out of life should not be one of them. Anyone can be single and say, "I'm AWESOME, I deserve the best because I AM the best!" But is that true, or is it just a claim? It's so easy to be "awesome" and "bring so much to the table," but what is really being brought? What work has truly been done INTERNALLY to make such a statement? Cause if there isn't an answer to that, Bye-Felicia! BURN is turning single's lives from ok, to f*cking awesome! Turning humans who play mediocre, into humans who are next level. Turning the dating pool from something that's dreaded to a dating pool that is admirous. Singles are coming from around the globe to apply for BURN to become "Woke." And the more woke singles there are, the less that are going to be settling for mediocre and the low dating standards that are out there. • We attract what we are, think about that. Someone wants the best, they better look inside first. • BURN 3.0 just launched for end of July!!! Spaces filling up, it WILL sell out! Link in Bio!☝🏼Can’t wait to meet and help you! 🙌🏼❤️