Argh! Don’t you hate it when that happens? We’d done a pretty good job of teaching mom to stay at her own block, but every once in a while she’d take a little wander. And of course her timing was impeccable.....because her son was ready to put his foot on the block for the very first time! Thankfully I got to reinforce the behavior. Despite this slight setback, he did get back on track and we were able to work towards putting the behavior on cue. This little dude was a dream to train. #giraffetraining #giraffes #giraffe #hoofcare #trainingforhoofcare

When you walk into your local tack shop and see the @keratex_equestrian range! #equestriansport #hoofcare #keratexhoofcare #tackshop #equipment #equestrian #hoof #onlythebest

I am trialing Pure Sole hoof mud.. so far, I think I like it! . . . #puresole #hoofcare #hoof

I just read that it’s 'National I Love Horses Day' - that’s every day around here! 😍🐴⠀ . ⠀ I spent ALL morning perfecting a pedicure for #MarkedandHonored (first pics are pre-trim). Yep, I’ve been trimming for 12+ years and am always researching more - so am incredibly detailed, meticulous (and slow) in my work! ⠀ . ⠀ When I consider how amazing the equine foot is, I'm reminded that one of the most poisonous thoughts we can think is “It is the way it is… it’s always been that way… nothing you can do about it.” Simply not true. This applies in any area of life, but our horses feet for example are ‘smart structures.’ With less than ideal conditions feet will distort and degrade, and with the right conditions in many cases they can be restored to balance and full function.⠀ . ⠀ When a fraction of a second is life-changing for timed-speed event competitors, then a millimeter or two is significant for our horses feet, and can be the difference that makes the difference for improving their comfort, movement, and therefore performance.⠀ . ⠀ We made a tweak to our horses diet this spring that has made some big positive changes in their feet (which were pretty good already) and I’ve also moved them to a 3-week trim cycle and they’ve never looked better. I can ‘tighten up’ Pistol’s hooves, keep his toes back and make corrections, etc. without him getting sore. . By doing everything we can to build health and soundness from the ground up (thought diet, management, etc.) this makes it less likely that we’ll 'run out' of additional options to support them as their work load increases and they’re under the repetitive stresses of competition. .⠀ Just like with our horse’s educational foundation, WE can make changes in OUR habits in order to get better responses from them with lighter cues – again ensuring we won’t ‘run out’ of leg, bit, etc. at speed. Less is more! . Never underestimate how powerful it can be to repeatedly return to and examine your fundamentals - then keep your eyes & mind open to the possibility for improvements you cannot even yet imagine! ✨ #pistolsprogress #barrelracingtips #heathersmithbarrelracingtips

Here’s a little before and after of our session with this donkey. There were many small approximations (not shown in the clip) that lead to holding position and allowing touch on the leg. There’s also a lot of direct pairing of desired scratching (and I also used food earlier in the session) at this stage of the training. Later we can transition to delivering these desired items/experiences after holding for touch. But pairing for now gets us over the initial aversion to manipulation of her legs. Another option is to teach her to put her own leg into position like we do with our giraffe training rather than manipulate. The male was an even more spectacular transformation! (Also in one session) Video to come later. #donkey #donkeytraining #hoofcare #trainingforhoofcare

>>>FARRIERS!!! EQUINE CARE PROFESSIONALS!!! Interested in implementing PEMF to your Farrier practice? >>>>Equally interested in attending the International Hoof Care Summit 2019 in Cincinnati, Ohio? >>>>We are excited to offer the opportunity for up to 4 carefully selected farriers to partner with us for the IHCS 2019 Trade show. Here’s the Offer: To become eligible, you must purchase one of our PEMF devices· before Thanksgiving and commit to assisting us at the Trade Show··. In exchange we will take care of your Registration Fees and half of your lodging··· for the duration of Tradeshow. RAMP up your business and generate more revenue. You will shoe a horse or perform other services and deliver HOOF PRO PEMF treatments to one or all four hooves at the same time. Need more information? Text me at (330) 936-9473 and we'll set up a time to talk! >>>>Want me to contact you? Fill out this simple form ASAP https://form.jotform.com/63557006197157 Find out more about EquiPulse PEMF and the Hoof Pro FARRIER PACKAGE here! www.hoof.pro. ~~~~~~~~~~~~ #farrier #blacksmith #farrierlife #horsetherapy #equine #equinetherapy #equines #equinemassage #pemf #pemftherapy #equipulse #hoofcare #horseshoer #barefoothorse

» let’s talk hooves! • In this first picture, you see a comparison of a new barefoot trim with a mustang roll on the left, and an older farrier barefoot trim on the right. Notice the flaring on the quarters and sharpness of the toe? Not ideal. Here’s why: Think about your own feet when you walk. You roll off your toe when you step off, right? Now imagine that your toenails are way too long and prevent you from doing that... sounds pretty uncomfortable. That’s an example of how a horse may feel with their toes too long and/or flat. A proper barefoot trim with a mustang roll on the toe will allow for a horse to roll off their toe have the correct action while moving in any gait. • In the next pictures, you see a before & after of Hudson’s new barefoot trim. His bars have been cut down to remove where they folded over, and you can see the thrush that has developed in that area because of being grown over. The hoof wall has also been cut down to about the laminae, with the mustang roll from 10 o’clock to 2 o’clock. The flaring has been removed, and a slight curve was created (not visible from this angle) on the quarters to allow the hoof to expand and contract as it should naturally. Shoeing farriers most often leave the hoof flat, even for a barefoot trim, because that’s the way they would need the hoof to be to attach a shoe. • Hudson has stopped tripping altogether and moves with more reach because of his new trim! I highly encourage owners, trainers, and any other horse person to learn more about correct barefoot trimming. It changed my horse for the better!

We love horses! We believe they deserve to have their full potential released by wearing the best possible shoes for health, comfort and safety. www.ollov.com Acreditamos que merecem libertar todo o seu potencial utilizando as melhores ferraduras possíveis para a sua saúde, conforto e segurança. 🙏 #lusitano #horsepower #welovehorses #rubbershoes #horseshoe #ferradura #hoof #hoofcare #friendship

TIC Podcast Episode 5: Interview w/ Britinee Zamenick, Barefoot Trimmer is now available on iTunes and the Stitcher app! ✨ Learn how she got started as a barefoot trimmer and ways you can get started, too. This is part one of a two part series on taking your horse barefoot. Click the link in bio to listen to the episode ☝🏼 #theidealconnection #theidealconnectionpodcast #barefoottrimmer #farrier #shoeing #equineboots #barefootboots #equineindustry #hoofcare #hooves #laminitis #equestrianlifestyle #equestriancareer @britineekaylene #baresoleshoofcare

Jacky enjoying his latest pedi while snacking on apple, carrot and bread. #donkey #mistydowns #farmanimalsanctuary #crankysfarm #pedicure #equine #animals #hoofcare

When you realise you are running out of @keratex_equestrian Coconut Oil 🥥 Hoof Balm... #equestriansport #keratexhoofcare #coconut #hoofoil #hoofcare #showjumper #showjumping #onlythebest