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Colle del Nivolet 🇮🇹

@remotexpeditions The school of Tibetan Buddhism at Larung Gar is the largest such institution in the world, but that does little to remove the shroud of mystery around it. Since its founding, residences have gone up in flames, ethnic Tibetans have moved away, and entry has sometimes been denied to outsiders without explanation. Despite these developments, thousands of devout monks and tourists flock to the academy to pray for blessings and catch a glimpse of the way of life there, as it is unlike many other places on Earth. The more he heard about this place, the more he wanted to know and needed to see it for himself. Upon arrival, Ki clutched the uncertainty that hung in the air with excitement. But while standing on the mountaintop that overlooks the grounds, he realized that the very commercialization that allowed him to visit this holy and tranquil place may soon threaten it. Though disheartening at first, this realization has not left him since. As he sees it, it is up to each of us to take care of the Earth's relics. Sertar County, China. by @ooleeeeeeeeee #remotexpeditions #gf_daily #instagood #tagblender #tweegram #trees #weather #natureporn #tbt #iphonesia #instamood #fantastic #phototour #hot #love #photography #cute #boys #people #green #amazing #skylovers #picoftheday #love #photooftheday #me #nature #skypainters #bautifuldestinations #outdoors #landscape

The Netherlands, A4. When driving on this highway in the early morning, you might see A mushroom-like cloud in the air. This is the light of the greenhouses reflecting in the fog. The complete area is covered in the yellow light. Yellow, because this wavelength is optimal for crop growth. • This was the last picture in the series ‘Highway Landscapes’. From now on I will post stories from my travels on this account. For the travel landscapes and nature shots, make sure you follow my second account @earlysunbird.

The beautiful Santa Maria del Isola

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