Dancing outside!! #liveoutloud

The exact same number of minutes-hours-days-weeks-are available to us all. We CHOOSE how to use time. You want to be physically fit, choose exercise. You want a strong healthy relationship, dedicate time to it. Time is our most valuable commodity, use it purposefully. #noexcuses #authenticity #liveoutloud #noposers #carpediem #nosheep

Issa swipe! I'm a radio girl who LOOOOVVVEEES her family. Business posts coming back soon but for now, let me share my reasons why I have to GO ON AND BE GREAT! I hope my love and joy gives you inspiration and motivation to love your family and friends and allow them to love you back the real kind! Dont worry about what you don't have when you can celebrate and be excited about what you do have even if you loving yourself! SHINE ON 👑 It's family friday lovers..... Enjoy!!! #RisRene💋 #GoOnAndBeGreat #radiogirl #radiogirl #nextchapter #reallove #purelove #joy #happiness #LiveOutloud #AGRINSPIRED #lifestyleblogger #creator #magical #letloverule #family

My morning view, I love that I get to do this and actually enjoy 😉 it. Today on the agenda, is getting caught up and start planning my bootcamp that is set for June 11. I’m loving that on my off days, I get to do something I enjoy and help others like me, that love health and fitness🏋🏻‍♀️. It took me awhile to want to give this coaching opportunity a chance but after realizing that I work a job that I don’t enjoy and I love the community that coaching has, I have been missing this from my life. There is so many reasons to say yes!!

Practicing saying fun words in our outdoor voice today 🌞 #longweekendvibes

Friday, 11 May 2018

Changing your life for the better isn’t always “easy.” It takes consistent thought out action, but you are the one in charge!! I had to pull this pic up and put it against today, because a lot of the time, I look in the mirror and this girl is still who I see. Oct 2015 seems like a lifetime ago, but like yesterday. I’ve had stalls and I’ve had temptations, but stayed the course. I am not nearly where I want to be, but I’m well on my way. The past 9 days I’ve been in a reset and have specific tasks set out to achieve my goals. This journey is like a marriage...every day’s not pretty, but you fell in love for a reason (with yourself time time), you figure out what is beautiful in this life and take whatever step is necessary to have the best life. #cleanketo #lovinglife #liveoutloud #ketogains

#factory no time for the b.s love one another my brothers for life @styleounces @isiah215 @brunobrown66 #getthatcashent we the biz #liveoutloud

Today is the last day you can purchase your own business for $9.95!!!! 3 years ago, I spent $34.95 on something I thought might last a month. I have an amazing career that brings me so much #joy, so why would I be adding something else to my plate? As I continued to share my passion for these products and overall #healthandwellness to others, I began to see why God brought me this opportunity. After battling with body image issues for most of my life, I found something that has helped me continue the #healing process and allowing me to coach other women into taking simple, small steps such as incorporating #plantbasedsupplements into their daily regimen, #mealprep ideas along with simple and #healthy #recipes and #workouts to help get them going on the right path to self -love. * $34.95 was all it took for me to purchase my own business, but little did I know the impact it would have on our life. In just a short period of time it helped us pay the rest of my student loans off and has continued to be a steady income…but what I am most grateful for is watching my husband also live his #dream, working from home, establishing #babylovesfarm which wouldn't have been as easily possible without this opportunity and I couldn’t be more proud of him! I have my customers and team of ambassadors to thank for giving me a chance! #healthandwellnesswithkristen #shm #guthealth #blessing #financialfreedom #goals #girlboss #bossbabe

One last time with the boys! @turboweekendofficial are on their farewell tour, and last night they smashed VEGA!