#repost @miley.hd #miley.hd #andre_picture_art she's about to snatch our wigs!🔥

#MileyIsComing @mileycyrus

We are actually the patient fandom ever #smilers4life

Part 1 If we get 70views I will post part 2 my angels @mileycyrus #mileycyrustwerk #miley #mileylovesliam #mileycyrusedit #mileycyrus #mileyqueen #mileyismyidol

this video makes me cry cause i love her so much and i've been waiting for meeting with her about 12 years too so i'm so so happy for this lucky guy! hope in one day i'll meet my angel ❤🙏😇 she's so fucking cute with smilers & i feel her love and support every day cause i know she loves me 💖 she loves her fans and we love her more than anything 🌷@mileycyrus you're so adorable! subs by @fordestinyhope ❤