Surya Namaskara// Saluto al Sole. 🧘‍♀️🌼


esthétique ☀️

Spazia: a new style drawn by compactness and innovation. Minimal shapes are designing space including capacity and practicality! . . . #berlonibagno #minimalstyle #minimalove #architecture #archidesignhome #interiordesign #interiordetails #arredobagno #arredobagnodesign #arredointerni

So, this very handsome young man standing in front of the wall. I was super lucky enough to meet this amazing model on a street in le marais. It went like this. I found this beautiful wall with little snaps hanging, and look around for people whom I want to bring into the frame. Immediately, I had an eye contact with him and said, “can I take your portrait?” He was with his sister and mom and said. “Oh, me? Or my sister?” After little hesitation and me saying “you” he decided to stand in front of the wall. I found the energy that he has and this frame match really well. So I said “wait, you are not a model, aren’t you? you look super cool” Then he smiled.📸 Hope you had an wonderful time in Paris friend. I don’t know what you do, but I think you are enough cool to be a model😉

Melting women by

#inspired by @_la_collection_ #lacollection

Ruby and gold with a hint of garnet. An ultimate summery look! 🌸💎 . . . . . #namiledesign #ruby #garnet #goldfilled #bracelet

Wondering if manikins are real.... Photo by: @nicholas_roe @spillingart