"The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page." -St. Augustine. I love to travel! I mostly get to travel the U.S., but I've been to a few other countries, as well. What has been your favorite travel destination? What did you get to do/see there? . 📕 #onceuponabookclub #onceuponabookclubbox #wheredoyoutravel #travelrecommendations #booksandtravel #quoteoftheday #questionoftheday #travelbug #booksubbox

Just finished last months #bookbox #betweenearthandsky and it’s probably one of my favourite novels. #indigenous #residentialschool #resilience I’m not going to lie it had me in tears a few times . I also love how the author added in lots of indigenous language #onceuponabookclub @onceuponabookclubbox if you have not read this book , go out and get it

#onceuponabookclub @onceuponabookclubbox just opened my next #bookbox but can’t start reading until I finish #lastmonths subscription of #betweenearthandsky .. this month we have #thelostforwordsbookshop .. not sure if it will be my kind of read but I accidently ordered it so.. guess I may as well see what it’s about . I also framed the quote cards from all the boxes and hung them up as “art” :)

"The earth laughs in flowers." -Ralph Waldo Emerson. I love Emerson! He is one of my favorite classic authors. Which classic authors do you love? . If you like modern authors, too, we just posted our hints for August boxes, and you will love the books we've chosen! Sign up today, so you don't miss out!! . 📕 #onceuponabookclub #onceuponabookclubbox #classics #classicauthors #booksubbox #prettyflowers #booksandflowers #subscriptionboxes #questionoftheday #ralphwaldoemerson

Adult boxes (hint: "Secret Wine Cellar") are on their way to you! Here's a sneak peek of what awaits you on page 351! Some of you might already have your boxes, but remember, no cheating 😉 Do you try to guess what's inside before you reach the "Open Your Gift" tab?? . 📕 #onceuponabookclub #onceuponabookclubbox #subbox #bookmail #bookmailisthebestmail #stalkingthemailman #readmorebooks #allthebooks #readeveryday

Me to myself: I super duper cancelled this subscription? Maybe I didn’t cancel it in time and I got the July box too, except it came in a June box? I don’t understand what’s happening, but I’ll take it #fiction #bookstagram #igreads #instagramreads #readstagram #thelostvintage #annmah #onceuponabookclub #subscriptionbox #winery #literature

Hi OUABC! I would love the opportunity to be a Creative Rep for you! ❤️ #bookclubcreativerepsearch My name is Francesca and I’ve been a member of your book club for a whole year now. 🤓 . I absolutely love everything about this book club, from the boxes that are so lovingly curated to the amazing ladies behind the scenes! 😍 Here are a few of my favorite bookish photos that I’ve taken of your book boxes and their goodies 📚🎁💝 I love pushing my creativity to new limits with photographing your boxes in different ways each month 🤗 Thank you for this exciting and amazing opportunity, I hope you pick me 🤞😊❤️ . #onceuponabookclubbox #onceuponabookclub #bookclub #subscriptionbox #booksbooksbooks #ilovebooks #bookstagram #bookish #repsearch

We're so excited to announce our Young Adult hint for August, which is... Lost in Siberia!. . A powerful and eerie read that follows the adventures of one aspiring journalist and what can happen when she loses her guides in the Siberian wilderness, knowing that danger lurks around every corner and the missing family they were searching for takes her hostage. . A bold story  filled with family, hope, love, survival, forgiveness, and the harsh elements of nature, this is a book you simply will not be able to put down.  Experience the beauty of the undiscovered world in Northern Russia through this captivating and unique story that will keep you on the edge of your seat. . A sprinkling of magic and a dash of suspense will do their jobs at keeping turning pages and wondering what will happen next?! We cannot wait for you to experience this intense and captivating read alongside unique & custom gifts we've created exclusively for the reading experience!. . Sign-ups are open from now through August 14th so don't miss your chance at this beautiful reading experience!. . Don't miss out! Head to www.onceuponabookclub.com to grab yours!. . . . #onceuponabookclubbox #onceuponabookclub #bookclub #subscriptionbox #subbox #bookstagram #bookish #books #book #ilovebooks

My bookmail finally arrived & I was too excited to wait to open the box (the mailbox is literally 20 steps from my door), so I used my mail key to open my box right there & see this month’s book choice... “The Lost Vintage”, by Ann Mah.🍷I am so excited about this book & the gifts look really fun... I can’t wait to see what they are!! I will make sure to post them💗 The July boxes are sold out I believe, but you can join me in August by signing up for @onceuponabookclubbox today & using my special promo code BUCKLEY10 to get 10% off!! #bookstagram #bookstagrammer #bibliophile #onceuponabookclub #onceuponabookclubbox #monthlysubscription #onlinebookclub #bookclub #thelostvintage #annmah #newrelease

#Repost @onceuponabookclubbox with @get_repost ・・・ This month, ‘The Lost For Words Bookshop’ (the US title for ‘Lost For Words’) is the pick of the rather excellent #onceuponabookclub. Which was fabulous in itself - and then this picture popped up in my feed. *applauds wildly* Original text: We hope you’re done with your June books because July Adult boxes are on their way! YA will ship out on Wednesday! . Does anyone like my “Book Club box gown”? 🤣 . Don’t forget to enter our Instagram “Creative Rep Search”! . . #books #bookaholic #bookish #bookbox #lifestyleblogger #nerdigan #bibliophile #geekgirlboss #bookstagram #creative

🌊Do you ever read a book and feel that you’ve read something very similar already? 🌊 . . Yesterday, I decided to pick up one of my @onceuponabookclubbox reads, since I wanted a lovely light read while I’m going in hospital (no scary books this week thank you) 🙀 and I read ‘The Light-Keeper’s Daughter’ by Jean. E. Pendziwol from their August 2017 box. . . It was a beautiful read, and I hit 3a.m before I could finish. 💕It was a lovely cross-generational story about a young girl who is in foster care, who knows next to nothing about her life history, and is rebelling as she tries to find herself and her place in the world; and the old woman she inadvertently befriends, who shares her own life story, reminiscing of her life as the light-Keepers daughter, on a Canadian Island,with the girl; through newly discovered journals. 📖They both learn something from each other and there’s a little twist too. It’s an enriching story for sure. . . If you’ve read ‘The Light between Oceans’ by m.l. Stedman, you will find many echoes. . . Look at all the lovely gifts that came with the box. If you’ve never tried the @onceuponabookclubbox , you are in for a treat. As you read through the mystery book, you arrive at pages with post-it notes, asking you to open a gift. Each gift is relevant to the page you are on. This makes it an extra special read! Oh yes, they’re also having a rep search, so go join! . . #bookwurm #booksofig #books #bookstagram #booknerd #bookaholic #booklove #thelightkeepersdaughter #jeanependziwol #onceuponabookclub #thelightbetweenoceans #mlstedman #fiction

We're so excited to announce our Adult hint for August - A Starry Night Murder!. . In this fast-paced, "un-put-down-able" novel, a renowed astronomer returns home after making an exciting scientific discovery, only to find an unexplained bank deposit of one million dollars and a husband who has gone missing. . An exhilarating romance wrapped in suspense, she questions everything she believes to be true as the space between the heartache of her rocky marriage and the mystery surrounding her husband’s disappearance take hold. . A fast-paced story, with twists and turns,and some intense moments makes readers ask; What exactly is the truth? Who is the murderer, and why is this happening?  We were guessing until the very end and we cannot wait for our readers to experience the same!. . We can't wait for you to open the custom, unique, and gorgeous gifts we have selected for this box!  We even went an extra step to hire a cast and crew to film one of the unique gifts included, something that we have never done before!!. . Sign-ups are open from now through August 14th so don't miss your opportunity for this unique reading experience!. . We can't wait for you all to experience this incredible box! Head to www.onceuponabookclub.com to grab yours!. . . . #onceuponabookclubbox #onceuponabookclub #bookclub #subscriptionbox #subbox #bookstagram #bookish #books #book #ilovebooks #reading #read

Happy Sunday everyone! We are so excited to announce our Creative Rep Search!. . This exciting opportunity is looking for people who take unique, beautiful, intriguing photos! Follower count DOES NOT MATTER! We are looking for active, engaging instagrammers who enjoy taking fun and creative photos!. . To enter, you must:. - Follow us here @onceuponabookclubbox . - Like this photo!. - Repost this photo along with 3-5 of your favorite photos you've taken! (Collage or slides is fine!) and use #bookclubcreativerepsearch . - Tag a friend who you think takes wonderful photos in the comments below!. . In exchange for 3 posts and 2 stories per month, reps will receive a box of their choosing each month to photograph and experience!. . The search will end on July 30th! Winners will be announced within 48 hours of closing the search!. . Good luck everyone! We can't wait to see your beautiful photos!. . . . Open Worldwide 🌎- account must be public! . #onceuponabookclubbox #onceuponabookclub #bookclub #subscriptionbox #subbox #book #ilovebooks #bookstagram #bookish #books #reading #repsearch

Here's a full unboxing of the June Adult box from #onceuponabookclub 😍😍 The gifts were really fun, and I liked the book more than I thought I would! It sounded like just a love story, but it really was more than just a romance. If you liked Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine, you'd like this one! 📚 And if you want to try this sub box, use my rep code CHELSEA1 for 10% off 😊 . #onceuponabookclubbox #junereading #bookbox #thatsdarling #bookishgifts #turnthepage #lovestories #thelostforwordsbookshop #weekendreading #unboxing

love this box! can't wait to get started so i can open these gifts! @onceuponabookclubbox #booklover #bibliophile #booknerd #bookgeek #bookbox #happymail #treatyoself #giddyinside #openbox #onceuponabookclub