Something to consider the next time you and I feel like we’re walking through a storm without an umbrella ☔️

Follow me on my Facebook Page: “pages from joan”😀 For Tuesday Talk, I am encouraging us all to “take in” nature more with each passing day. I’ve included several quotes like these and over 25 of my favorite nature pics.

Have you had a chance to visit my “Pages From Joan” Facebook page lately? In today’s Monday Mood, I share a little about what happens when my 3 sisters & I get together for a quarterly Sister Session. Tomorrow is our next one, and I can’t wait to hug my sisters! It is easy to see our late Mama in each one of our faces, and in our character, too❤️😘❤️ ❤️We see Mama in our daughters, too.❤️

Should’ve brought treats for the turtles 😂🏖😂

Love and Laughter on #hiltonheadisland this morning. It was Dogs Galore of every breed abounding, chasing balls in and out of the pounding surf. This black puppy, Stella jumped in Leah’s lap for protection when a much smaller dog simply wanted to greet her😂😂 Reading #giftsfromthesea for the umpteenth time. Sandy Feet Are Happy Feet‼️ #motherhood #motherdaughter #timeout #beachtime #hiltonheadisland #southcarolina #laughteristhebestmedicine #funtimes #memories #memorieslastforever #pagesfromjoan #writefromtheheart

Thursday Talk Are you looking for a fun time with your family and friends, especially now that the weather is heating up? Check this out! The Steps to a PiZooKiE are posted now on my Pages From Joan Facebook Page. Come Follow Me On Facebook ‼️ You can also find my PiZooKiE blog post here in my BIO. This sweet treat promises laughter, connectedness, and a wonderful dessert. 3 things we all desire, right?

It Is Wholehearted Wednesday on my Pages From Joan Facebook page. I am sharing a 19 minute message from my longtime friend, Sara. After life altering events, Sara reminds us that Joy Is A Choice We Make. We don’t get to choose our life circumstances, but we do get to choose our “fork in the road” after life unfolds in unexpected ways. To view, go to my FB page “Pages From Joan”, scroll down until you see this pic. #choosejoy #beintentional #lovealwayswins❤️ #thegreatestoftheseislove #faith #peace #joy #lifeisagift

The rhododendrons are stunning this May! The bees are enjoying them as much as we are. #loveflowers #lovenature #therearemiraclesallaroundus #pagesfromjoan #writefromtheheart

My Mommy Heart glows brightly today as I remember my Mama, Polly Shivers Walker (1927-2006) who gave me life and the two young adults who call me Mom. @lpandrews15 and Walker Page. Leah and Walker are here after one of our Shoebox Operation Christmas Child Gatherings ❤️ #myheartoverflows #mycuprunnethover #lovealwayswins❤️ #thegreatestoftheseislove #motherhood #lovethemsomuch #wordscantdescribe #lifeisagift #lifeisfragile #lifeisprecious #writefromtheheart #pagesfromjoan

Some Of My Favorite People to Get Outside With‼️

Get Outside!

“The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of His Hands.” Proverbs 19:1 In our friend’s backyard tonight.

Tuesday Thoughts Attention Cobb County, Marietta, and all nearby communities! Did you know? #mustministries has recently opened a great Donation Center located near The Elizabeth Inn. Let’s all pitch in! There’s an Urgent Need list here. I’m headed to Costco tomorrow to p/u a few cases of these badly needed non-perishable foods. Each One Reach One.

Weddings, Graduations, and Funerals have 3 Things in Common. All three may cause you to consider: 1) Where you’ve been... 2) Where you are today... 3) Where you are going... So much fun at our friend, @lynnmcgriffbridell ‘s son’s Griff’s wedding. Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Bridell! Friends with Lynn since Fernbank Elementary, we’ve done a lot of precious life together‼️

You AND I were created for a specific purpose.