Dream bungalow. #icanteven

I never want to leave

Part 2 answers: Big picture/concepts. I focus on details in my photos, but other than that I’m completely a big picture person. I lOve to talk about theories/concepts to the point where I’ve had people tell me to chill because it’s too much for them • Not religious. I consider myself agnostic (on the atheist side) b/c I don’t think humans have the ability to say whether or not there is a god (& other reasons). The universe is rad though. u do u, just don’t be a bigot. • I LOVe to get out of my comfort zone! How do you grow if you keep yourself confined in your comfort? I may not always be good at it, but I always try to do things that push me outside of what I’m use to. (Whether that be new experiences or challenging my thoughts/perceptions.) How do you know what you think/believe/like if you’ve only ever let yourself be ruled by fear/discomfort (which is only temporary)?!

Looking back to the weekend

I feel like I’ve started becoming suspicious of anyone who acts as though they have everything figured out. It’s interesting to me how often experts in a field are the first to tell you what they don’t yet understand. I recall reading an article that talked about how the goal of education wasn’t simply to gain more knowledge but more awareness of how much you don’t know. And I keep finding that even those who seem to be the most put together still struggle with self-doubt or feeling like they’re pretending. So, if you feel like you don’t have things figured out - take heart! You’re in good company.

Toda força que cabe dentro de um só olhar. @carla__kehl