El equipo "PIVX KKS Rawa Katowice" ¡Son campeones! Ganaron contra los anteriores campeones de Polonia. Ahora se dirigen a Varsovia para representar a la ciudad a nivel nacional. ¡Felicidades chicos! ¡Gracias por representar a @pivxcrypto en el deporte! #PIVXsports #PIVXambassadors

If you’re ever looking for a cute little place to stop for lunch, check out Polymath Educational Cafe in Marshfield. Locally owned & run. Great food. repost repost #shoplocal #simplystagingbyamy #polymath repost

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Welcome back folks for another update on BTC. If you've noticed, the reason I have been updating lesser is due to the fact BTC prices have not been moving much due to the lack of liquidity. Some key points to note, BTC has seen good support on 6k levels and in my opinion I do not see BTC hitting beyond 6k due to the fact that 6k price is the cost of mining, if it goes below 6k, miners would have no incentive to mine, hence mining companies would create huge buy walls to prevent that from happen. As for resistance levels, due to the fact that BTC has been bearish and the lack of catalyst, there has been not enough buy volume to see a bull run. In my opinion, 6-6.5k level would be a decent price to enter because I simply do not see BTC going beyond that level. But if it does go beyond, do set a stop loss as it might spell trouble once BTC goes beyond that. Till then, may the markets be with you. repost

#PIVX, Champions of the City of Katowice. They won against the current Champions of Poland. Now headed to Warsaw to represent the City. Congrats, guys! Way to represent the sport and PIVX! #PIVXsports #community #PIVXambassadors KKS Rawa Katowice

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