Ahhh yes, the much anticipated Stillhouse Lake sequel- Killman Creek. 💀 I do so enjoy a good serial killer story! 🔪⛓🔨🖤 * * I found the first one to be an easy, fast, & likeable read! Gave it 🐞🐞🐞ladybugs! It wasn’t a deep, moving profound story but hey what can I say? There is just something about nasty killers and the women who love(d) them- I can’t get enough! Twisted but true- hoping I dig this one also! 📚🐞 * * #librarylife #libraryporn #serialkillerreads #thrillerbooks #murderbooks #bookish #litgirl #readallnight #killmancreek #authorlove #bookstagram #booksofinstagram #booklife #booklover #booksofig #igreads #bookworm #bookdrunkard #amreading

Carrying this series everywhere I go. I love me some gruesome, brutal crime scenes - descriptive death scenes - and building up clues to discover whodunnit. I love thriller/mystery novels that keep me on my toes and scare the shit out of me. AND my favourite thing to do is to solve the crime before the detectives. These novels by Chris Carter really bring out the competitiveness in me 😂😂🤣 📚 What’s your favourite genre to read and why?

happy pub day to Find You in the Dark by Nathan Ripley! thank you to @jkscommunications for sharing this one with me. . murderinos everywhere— this is the book for us. i have ever heard of a thriller with this kind of plot before, specifically someone, in this case Martin, seeking to find unmarked graves of serial killers’ victims to provide closure to families, and satisfy a need within himself. if you’re not hooked already, the plot thickens when Martin’s actions stir up rage within the police department that feel like fools for not finding what Martin finds, but someone else isn’t a fan of Martin’s plans... and i’ll let you experience that for yourself 💀 . you will enjoy this book if you’re a fan of true crime, thriller, @myfavoritemurder, and if you prefer to not feel SO scared that you can’t read it alone. the story also takes place in Seattle, which i initially was excited about and then felt like... wait a second... 😱 and now am binge-researching Seattle serial killers and whatnot... like i do. overall, i’m incredible grateful i was gifted this copy, and feel so excited for its pub day today! out now! . do you have a favorite true crime? please share ☺️ . 6|19|18

BLACKOUT was my first read of Alex Segura's, as well as my first Pete Fernandez Mystery novel and I was beyond hooked! I feared it wouldn't ultimately be for me as it has been a while since I've read anything this hard-hitting and action-packed, but this one didn't disappoint and has me reaching for the others in the series! 👏🏼 (Might I also add that one of Alex's inspo here was actually the book Road to Jonestown and I'm all obsessed with Jones right now so it seemed PERF!) BLACKOUT goes back to Pete's beginnings as a cold case while he was in high school has found its way to the present where, now a recovering alcoholic, Pete puts himself smack dab in the middle of it, putting himself in danger against a cult leader. Yeah, this story wouldn't let up and I enjoyed every second of it! . I gave this one 4 🌟's and if you're in the mood for a GOOD mystery novel with cold cases, cults, and one kickass PI, I recommend this one! . BIG thank you to @tlcbooktours and @polisbooks for my copy! 🙌🏼 . . . #blackout #alexsegura #tlcbooktours #petefernandez #petefernandezmystery #mystery

This one by @meggardiner1 was just as good as, or maybe better than the first! I love this series and her writing! She draws me in and hooks me! I enjoy a good serial killer plot that reminds me of a Criminal Minds episode! I couldn't put this one down and look forward to more! If you enjoyed #unsub , you have to pick this one up ASAP! 🌟🌟🌟🌟💫/5 What is your favorite serial killer novel? #suspense #serialkillerreads #books #summerreads #intotheblacknowhere #unsub

Which book are you most excited to pick up in the month of March? 📖 . In case you didn't know...INTO THE BLACK NOWHERE is inspired by Ted Bundy and his murders, and I'm anticipating jumping into it! Not sure if I want to read UNSUB first, which is being made into a tv series (!!!), but I'll be reading both regardless in March 🙋🏻 . And seeing all of these pictures of Zac Efron playing Bundy has me so excited for this film! And to top it off, it's not from Ted's POV so the industry isn't celebrating serial killers, WOOOOOO! 🙌🏼👏🏼

What are you guys #currentlyreading? 📖 . I've been waiting for forever now to get my hands on this baby and now here we are! 🙌🏼 ...along with two other arcs calling my name, but multitasking is a useful tool, amiright? 😬 Also trying to read UNSUB as quick as possible because the second book in this series is coming out at the end of the month and this time it's inspired by...wait for it...TED MF BUNDY!!! *cries in appreciation* It's like @meggardiner1 knew the way to my heart or something 😭👏🏼 . . . . (Pssst! Did you know Zac Efron is actually going to be portraying Ted Bundy in an upcoming film? Well now you do and we can be giddy together, EEEEK!)

Kicking off this week’s @booksparks’ senior year course in Child Psychology is one of my favorite reads of the year: GOOD ME BAD ME! 💀 . I don’t think I have to mention again what it was that called me to this story, but let’s just say, it was EVERYTHING I wanted 🙌🏼 . This one had me completely invested, had me staying up late at night trying to get to see what Milly (who btw, is now one of my favorite characters ever written?) was up to next! GOOD ME, BAD ME is also one of those stories where you are too focused on one thing, and you totally forget something else entirely is going on, something much bigger. The end result? A WHOLE LOT OF MIND BOGGLING. And boy, did I love it!!! . . GOOD ME BAD ME was such a perfect read and one I can’t recommend enough! I suggest YOU pick yourself up a copy and join #FRC2017 so we can discuss this thriller! 👯 . . [Full review? Check out the link in my bio! 👉🏼]

What a fun collection of books I have to read!!! I need to keep my mind nourished as well as my body! Yes, I have a twisted style of reading. Haha!! #serialkillerreads #serialkiller #gosnell #irvinewelsh #tigertiger #margauxfragoso #memoirs #memoir #springreading

Sunday's 😍 today Im going to do nowt but read ..this looks especially good ..Why do we always find serial killers interesting? #sundayfunday #belindabauer #blacklands #serialkillerreads #lolaslist5610 #bibliophile

Tonights bedtime read; Edmund Kemper, monster who used his mother's head as a dart board. #bedtimereads #bedtimestory #storytime #serialkillerreads #edmundkemper #fairylights

Who knew I would be reading something out of Southeast newspaper? #serialkillerreads #davidberkowitz #rightupmyalley #thxmom