Finished Steve Largent! And now on to @gary.payton.20 Fun fact: I met Steve about a year ago at a fundraiser put on by @dangerusswilson and his @whynotyoufdn. The event started with dinner and it was open seating. My wife and I sat down at an empty table and a few minutes later a guy approached and asked if he could sit with us. "Hi, I'm Steve" he said. "Uh, yeahhh! I know who you are!!!" I thought to myself while trying to maintain my excitement! But I played it cool: "nice to meet you, Steve. Sure, you can sit with us." We ended up having an awesome dinner with Steve, his wife, and also Jim Zorn's wife. They're all so down to earth and polite! Such an amazing night! - Pre-sale for prints is on now at ***100% of proceeds will be donated to Kenny Mayne's Run Freely organization to help Veterans walk again!