Playing around with different type of pull ups. First time trying weighted... started with 25lbs. Going to be incorporating more of those into my routine as accessory work. Also, had to try the climbing stair kind. Needs work but it's almost a mandatory insta pull up haha. #pullups #trainurbanjungle # #womenwholift #strongwoman #fit #empoweringwomen #gymfreak #fitfemale #girlswithmuscles #calesthenic  #alwaystrying #weightedpullups

Пока ты стоишь лицом к своему прошлому, ты стоишь другим местом к своему будущему 🍑😼

Get you some!! 💥💥💥

Beneath every strong independent woman lies a broken little girl who had to learn how to get back up and to never depend on anyone. 🖤 #strongwoman #independent #lovelife #girlboss

🎶Neffex: Fight back This is @verak_fitness who has only been training powerlifting for 8 weeks prior to her 1st meet. Previous best lifts were: Squat: 80kg but not deep enough Bench 45kg touch and go Deadlift: 100kg conventional & a hitched 120kg very rounded sumo 8 weeks later.. A beautiful 92.5kg Squat A clean paused 51kg bench And a 130kg deadlift This is just the beginning and Vera will continue to progress fast the rest of this year I'm sure😉 #strongwoman #newbiegains #vegan #lifter #teamsushi

Granite State Strongest - Event 1 - 300lb axle tire #deadlift for reps - up and down commands - needed 12 for the win but always lose track counting and kind of panic so I did 14. 🤦🏼‍♀️😂 @strongmangrossi • • #deadlifts #axle #strongwoman #strongman #strongmom #powerlifting #bodybuilding #crossfit #fitspo #legday #🍑 #fitness #athlete #over40 #powerbuilding #girlswhostrongman #girlswholift #womenwithmuscle #toreforce

Maia Taran wurde von ihrem Ehemann misshandelt. Dreizehn Jahre lang. Drei mal versuchte sie sich umzubringen. @all_arrabbiata hat sie erzählt, wie sie es doch noch schaffte, mit Leben davon zu kommen. Den Link zu ihrer Geschichte findet ihr in der Bio. Foto: @fotovazzo

Happy Monday everybody 😌 Ich hoffe ihr hattet alle einen guten Start in die neue Woche. Wir sind schon in der Heimat angekommen und ich freu mich sehr eine Weile aus der Großstadt zu kommen den Wald gleich um die Ecke zu habe, Tee mit meiner Mutter und allen Geschwistern zu trinken, ins Freibad zu gehen und meinen Geburtstags wie vor 20 Jahren zu feiern. Eventuell kann ich hier sogar im Garten sitzen und mal alle, sich zu einem furchtbaren Berg angestauten Rezepte ins Reine schreiben - das wäre doch mal was, nicht wahr!? Habt alle einen schönen Abend 🌿Anna ___________ #veganmomanna #nomakeup #blogger #blogger_de #natural #selbstliebe #girl #vegangirl #veganmom #strongwoman #roggenmehlshampoo #zerowastegermany #greenlife #tattoo #inkedwomen #strongnotskinny #woman #detmold #naturalwomen #selfconfidence #selflove #sommer #urlaub #vegansofgermany #deutschlandvegan #hamburg #igershamburg #anna

When your personal trainer looks like this you make damn sure you show up every day! Sometimes twice a day if you can walk. 🤣 Day 1 in the books y’all! Who’s ready to join me?! Let’s crush this babe!👊🏼

Congratulations to @okbecs_ on her awesome 8/9 performance yesterday! She worked hard during her prep and it all came together on the platform- she put 70 pounds on her total since we started together! Honestly though, the best part of the whole thing was the look on her face all day, especially after her first squat and again after her name being called for her first medal (how cute is she in all those pictures after the first? 😭). She literally had this huge, genuine smile on her face all day. I love watching people fall in love with this sport. Glad I got to be a small part of it! 💙 #demileighfitness #onlinecoaching #remotecoaching #powerlifter #powerlifting #usapl #orlando

So much fun supporting this rockstar @mistyleighbotha @therainhilltrials this weekend!! She smashed it, coming 11th 💪🏼⚡️🔥. Eating through a full day multi event competition can be a challenge … you need to refuel through the day to sustain energy and performance, but with only 1-2 hours between high intensity strength and conditioning events the risk is eating something that will slow you down or cause GI distress on the floor. Ideally, eat a high carb, protein and fat meal the night before. On the morning, eat a low GI breakfast containing 2.5g carbs per kg bodyweight, some protein and low fat (MCTs like coconut are the most easily digested) 2-4 hours before the first event. Through the day keep blood glucose and glycogen stores up with regular small meals of high GI carbs, some protein and low fat foods between events. Whey, bananas, yoghurt, small bowl of oatmeal, and cottage cheese. And keep hydrated!! As you sweat out electrolytes as well as water, it is important to ensure your fluids and food replenish these too – sports drinks can be ideal to maintain your ‘osmotic balance’. But whatever you do, try and trial your eating strategy before the day to make sure it works for you – energy, performance and GI comfort wise! #mistyrockingitonthefloor #gunshow #strongwoman #strong #notstrongforagirl #juststrong #withanalmightyengine #feedfuelperform #feed #fuel #perform #fuelled #food #training #fitness #macros #morethanmacros #micros #hydration #recovery #performance #crossfit #crossfitgirls

Today I realized I don’t like to do things that suck a whole lot. Well who does, right? To be honest, I think I’m so used to doing things that aren’t my favorite or sacrificing things I want or need in order to be responsible for others, that I might’ve forgotten how to do it for myself. And if I’m not careful this realization will make me feel defeated. I’m very proud of what I’ve become, but I still need to challenge myself a little more then I am. People looking at me might not say I make excuses. Especially with fitness. But you know what, yes I do. Excuses come in many ways shapes and forms. Maybe I’m not sleeping in, skipping training sessions, and eating french fries, chips and chocolate cake - but I’m still just as prone to excuses as everyone else is. My excuses come from past defeat. My excuses come from barriers I already had and ones other people gave to me. My excuses come from being knocked on my ass with an injury and literally not being able to get back up for a long time. My excuses come from the fact that it literally hurts every day when I’m in the gym. I show up and I train and I love it. So I tell myself that’s enough. But it’s not. And I know it. Every day I should be pushing and forcing to become more fierce more strong. I should train like I can do it. Even if in my head it feels like I never will. To be honest I’m struggling so much right now with self doubt. So I’m dropping some truth on my page for my own self today.