Went camping with @thhhbbbt and her family. Snagged this picture of water falling.

Couple days ago I was scrolling down my pictures from now to 7 years ago. Yeah, it was a lot pictures to look at😀 ••• I saw how my surroundings have changed through out the years. A lot of people, who were my friends 5-7 years ago, unnoticeably disappeared from my life. ••• I saw how my style has changed during these years. I had a lot of fun changing my hair colors 😜 ••• But the most important part of my observation was that I could see when and with who I was happy with. I was very surprised by this. Our face, our posture can tell how we feel: if we are relaxed or concerned and feel uncomfortable. ••• I saw all of that in my pictures and could remember how exactly I felt at that moment, period of life. Also, I noticed, depending on who was taking picture of me, I felt certain way. ••• I was analyzing for a while and came to conclusion that whoever made me feel comfortable and happy in front of the camera, did the same way in life. ••• Because pictures don’t lie, they show our real feelings and emotions. This is an easy way to find out when, where and what people you are most comfortable with. ••• ❤️Tag a person who makes you happy and is important in your life ❤️

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