This is the most fire, #fuckthesystem type shit I've ever seen 🔥 @chrisbrownofficial

First! 🕊🖤 #bellahadid @bellahadid #theweeknd @theweeknd

this is so hard

your eyes look like an ocean where stars fall into when they want a break from shining, but they still sparkle. no matter what you say, when you smile it shows how soft your heart is. and being with you takes me to a place where i don’t question if heaven exists. @theweeknd #theweeknd

Beauty! 🕊🖤 #bellahadid @bellahadid #theweeknd @theweeknd

Angel 🕊🖤 #bellahadid @bellahadid #theweeknd @theweeknd

On tonight’s episode of E! True Hollywood Story🎸: the rise, fall, and redemption of rock’s most promising duo, Togepi and Me. “Every night was a relentless barrage of booze, drugs, and groupies. Togepi just couldn’t handle the rock ‘n roll lifestyle.. he became a shell of his former self. Literally.”-Lexy June. With Togepi now fresh out of rehab and the band gearing up for a worldwide comeback tour, you’ll get to hear their side of the story. Tonight 9pm EST. 🤘🏻 yooo I crack myself up. #singer #songwriter #producer #guitar #cover #flstudio #artist #nofilter

Starboy. ⭐🌠✝️

I’m having a party tomorrow night and I’m so excited🤪-a @selenagomez