Say all you want but we did have an enjoyable time at @meetmicasydney 😌🐙🍵

I have to say, this crew of kids are so easy when they hang out... Not one fight the entire weekend which means the adults actually got to relax! 👌🏼

Work like a beast💪🏼Chill like a popsicle🍡🍦🍭 ⠀ We’re getting prepped for a packed week, and thoughts of planning our next beach trip = exactly the motivation we need to get through the long days!  It sucks putting in the hard work when you think no one is noticing…but someone always notices eventually. (And trust.  I remind myself of this every morning.) Success isn’t magic, but it is hard work.  It sucks when you’re in the trenches, digging and grinding and producing every day.  But it will pay off, and not only will it pay off—all of those little steps and days and weeks add up to major results.  You just have to wait until you reach your tipping point.  Think about it this way… ⠀ Would you rather have $1mil today💰💰, or a penny that doubles in value every day for the next 31 days? ⠀ Instinct is to pick the million.  But if you picked the penny…well you just made $10.7mil. ⠀ The pay off is rarely instant.  Most of the time, “out-of-nowhere” is a result of years of consistent work that eventually hits the tipping point.  Small things become big things.  Always.  Whatever you put in consistently—good or bad—will, overtime, end up giving you a compounded result.  It looks small in the beginning; the nature of compounding is that the majority of the growth happens right at the end.  You just have to be one of the few people who are patient enough to wait for your ROI. ⠀ (If you plant it, you have to harvest it, which means the opposite is equally true.  Consistently bad choices eventually lead to bad results.  What’s almost worse than bad choices?  No choices.  The natural tendency of any isolated system is to worsen and/or become more disordered.  If you aren’t choosing to maintain and improve, you’re inevitably choosing to decline.) ⠀ You can’t control the outcomes, but you can control your behaviors.  And your behaviors are predictors of your outcomes.  Plant big dreams.  Do the work.  See results. ⠀ This picture is from our last trip to St. Maarten.  Their coat of arms says “Semper pro Grediens” which means “Always Progressing.” How fitting👌🏼

Today I toured Jungfraujoch, the highest elevated train station in Europe that takes you up into the Bernese Alps to a glacier saddle in between the mountains connecting two large peaks. Going up into the Alps, you see every type of weather imaginable, all in the span of a couple hours. At the start I saw lakes so blue-green they didn’t look real, and in the blink of an eye I’m walking in heavy snow on top of a monster glacier. Then coming back down it’s lush and green again with valleys and hills straight out of a storybook with ginormous waterfalls in the distance. If you haven’t planned a Switzerland’s trip yet, DO IT! Trust me! Switzerland. Is. BEAUTIFUL!🇨🇭 . . . #switzerlandpictures #jungfraujoch #swiss🇨🇭

Let's wander where the WiFi is weak.

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