#Perspective 😉 We would be honored to have you spend that 4% with us, and we promise to make it worth it 😘 Classes start Tuesday, May 29th! Try them out for free through June 2nd. Our class schedule and rates are on MINDBODY. You can download the app here 👉 https://www.mindbodyonline.com/get-the-mindbody-app You can also check us out and register on MINDBODY by clicking the 'Sign Up' button on our FB page or click here 👉 https://tinyurl.com/y8vx9k5q To easily see our class offerings, click the 'Class Schedule' tab on the left hand side of our FB page. See you soon!

#MeetTheTeam, last but not least 😘 A wife, mother of 2, and coach for both figure skating and roller derby, @linzyschwinger also loves leading group fitness classes such as TurboKick, Insanity and Pound. As a natural leader, she’s looking forward to bringing the local community together through her passion for health & fitness! Lindsey will be teaching almost every day, so be sure to say 'hi' as you most likely will have class with her soon 😅

This is one booty call that I will answer 📞 ♨️♨️♨️♨️♨️♨️ Turbo Fire - Fire 40 - on Demand Getting my steps done!!! (You can get this on Beachbody on Demand - tinyurl.com/BODChoices) 👟👟👟👟👟 Our StepBet starts MONDAY!! Come join us - but only if you need motivation to get those steps in!! Best motivation and accountability you’ll find! ♨️personalized goals ♨️don’t compete ♨️hit your goals & win Step.bet/FWL FWLSummer if you have the app or get it Step.bet/FWL 😃👟♨️😃👟♨️ #turbo #turbofire #turbokick #ondemand

I want to take a moment and hopefully share something motivational for all of the wonderful people in my classes and in my life. Lately I have been seeing many people come into class taking modifications or sitting out because they “can’t” I don’t mean they have injuries and they are listening to their body, because we ALWAYS want you to be safe. I mean the “I’m going to stick with the 3 pound weights because it’s easy and 4 seems like too much of a leap” type of deal. I used to do the same exact thing in my life. I would point to something that needed to be fixed and my dad would yell “you need to learn because me doing it won’t help you” well guess what? That stubborn man was right. 3 weeks ago my boyfriend and I added up the money we saved by doing projects ourselves instead of paying someone and it was close to 100k! 100k in 5 months?!!! Can you imagine having that kind of disposable income? I can’t. I can promise you had I not faced my fears and pushed myself to do something scary I would have probably lost my studio by now. Now think about when you are nailing that pose in the class and you stay there and never work towards a harder one because you want it to just be perfect. You’re throwing away the chance to grow and to really move to the next level! That’s worth way more than 100k in my book. I have so many kind, compassionate, beautiful, sexy and smart women (and men too) who come into my classes and only want the best for me and this community we have built. I want the best for you too because I love you all from the bottom of my heart. Now let’s safely all try to level up work towards that next pose in yoga, nail that side plank in pilates! And of course listen to your body. #themat #thematstudio #youcandothis #levelup #raisethebarre #yoga #pilates #barre #zumba #piyo #turbokick #bollywood #letsdothistogether #ificanfixawallyoucannailthatpose!

Typical Tuesday! 😊 👟 💪 Pack that gym bag! When I feel like throwing in the towel, or just saying, forget about it...I say this ..."I didn't come this far, to only come this far." I didn't meal prep for four hours to skip a meal, I didn't work so hard in school to give up on learning, I didn't work hard in the gym for a few months to just stop. We have to start finishing what we started, or really.. continuing what we started. It takes more energy to quit and start again, than it does to continue. #thatipromise See you guys in class today! Active Fit @ 9:30am Turbokick with abs @ 5:15pm Carlissann Farrington Mary Solinski Charlie, Dottie, Jessica, Katie, Alicia and all others are welcome!! Turbokick class see you at Festival! Holly Heffley Chad Dallett Judy Chidiac Venafro Gabrielle Maria Pasqualina Fharper Harper Terri L Johnson Shanna Vroom Groen Beth Marie Peggi Fieni Jenny, Terry, Neemie Laneichesh, Christie Silver Samuel Litzie II (hoping you surprise me one day...miss yous!) #anytimefitness #mayslandingnj #fitfamily #gallowaynj #fitness #motivation #happiness #fitfamily #turbokick #coachlife #iamenough #nomatterwhatweight #instuctor #trainerslife #girlboss #goalcrusher #truth #desire2inspire

Recovering from teaching TKB at 24 Hour Fitness West Hollywood.. #turbokick #tkb #24hourfitness #workingout #feelinggreat

Nice little Monday night workout done✔ And it was great! Baby Lorenzo loves Turbo, just like Maddie used to and does now! So nice to be able to get my workouts in again. It's a wonder I didn't murder someone the few weeks I didn't work out! #turbokick #27weekspregnant

Are y'all ready for #TurboTuesdays? We are!!! 🤛🤛 Classes will be today at 5:30am and 6:00pm. Book now at selfishyou.com. #anotherdayatselfish #selfish #selfishllc #TurboKickLive #TurboKick #TupeloMS #Tupelo

And that’s a wrap!! Mahalo @pomaikai_elementary_school for allowing me to be a part of your #movementmonday workouts this school year 😃 @lenitanaka @katewelchy @ahlaynlabuanan . . . . . #teachers #fitness #monday #maui #islandlife #sweatyselfie #pomaikaielementary #thefitclub #summerready #isschooldoneyet #i❤️teachers #fitmom #mommystrong #fitlife #workout #turbokick

Monday night in FULL effect!!! ✌💗💃 #nevermissamonday #turbokick

When you tell me to squat, this is the position I like most - sumo/wide/goddess. I especially love doing squats like this before teaching classes like #turbokick because it opens my hips and preps my legs for all the fierce kicks. Loved having these in today’s #pwr workout!

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