Tina Kunakey and Vincent Cassel at Cannes Film Festival ©️Laurent Koffel #cannes2018 #festivaldecannes #tinakunakey #vincentcassel

Edward Thomas "Tom" Hardy (born 15 September, 1977) is an English actor. . With his combination of intensity and menace, Tom Hardy has become one of modern cinema's most iconic actors. . He made his big screen debut in Ridley Scott's 2001 biopic action feature Black Hawk Down as well as a minor role in Steven Spielberg's Band of Brothers. . Hardy's notable films roles include the psychological drama Bronson (2008), Christopher Nolan's sci-fi thriller Inception (2010), the sports drama Warrior (2011).. . ..the Cold War espionage feature Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (2011), the crime dramas Lawless (2012) and The Drop (2014) and the suspense thriller Locke (2014). . He portrayed the villain Bane in Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises (2012) to international acclaim. . In 2015 he starred opposite Leonardo DiCaprio in Alejandro G. Iñárritu's The Revenant (2015), for which he received an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor. . Also, in 2015, Hardy "resurrected" the character of "Mad" Max Rockatansky in the post-apocalyptic Mad Max: Fury Road. . He recently featured in the BBC drama thriller Taboo (2017).. . ..and in Christopher Nolan's historical epic Dunkirk (July, 2017). . He will star in the title role as Venom. Set for release in October 2018, the film is to be the first R-Rated feature in Sony's Marvel Universe.. . ..and as notorious gangster Al Capone in Josh Trank’s biographical crime drama Fonzo (tba).

natalie portman as nina sayers black swan (2010) dir. darren aronofsky.

O papel do ilusionista é encantar o público com truques inacreditáveis. Para alguns, um artista fenomenal e para outros, um farsante. Para "O Grande Circo Místico", componente indispensável de uma emocionante história. Não perca: em Setembro nos cinemas! #ovrandecircomistico #ograndecircomisticoofilme #circo #vincentcassel repost @circomistico

Dans #GAUGUIN - VOYAGE DE TAHITI, le réalisateur Edouard Deluc donne vie aux tableaux du grand peintre. Présentement au cinéma! #VincentCassel #Cinémafrançais #art #Tahiti #peintre

"L'Appartement" 1996 г.(квартира) есть еще американский ремейк этого фильма "Одержимость"2004 г. Ну как по мне европейский вариант всегда лучше, а звучит чудесная песня одного из любимых французских шансонье Шарль Азнавура.Про актеров я молчу, одно эстетическое наслаждение❤. #lappartement #monicabellucci #vincentcassel

Curiosities about Monica Bellucci💎 Her complete name is Monica Anna Maria Bellucci She speaks fluently 4 languages, italian, english, spanish and french She have been marriage with Vincent Cassel for 14 years While they have been mariage, they lived in different countries. Monica lived in Roma, Italy and Vincent lived in Paris, France they tried to avoid the routine Bellucci is an italian last name, the word source comes from the latim word "bellutus" which means beautiful After 5 months she gave birth to her first daughter, she came back with her actress career Monica said that Sophia Loren and Claudia Cardinale inspired her when she chose become actress Monica started to modelling when she had to pay her bills when she started her gratuation She liked the her model career and get out of her graduation

Black Swan (2010) “We open our season with Swan Lake, done to death I know, but not like this. We strip it down, make it visceral, and real.” —Thomas Leroy